Fairy Tattoo Ideas: Put Some Magic In Your Life

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Cute Fairy Tattoo Design And Ideas

Whether you are a man or woman, a fairy is something that grants wishes. A fairy can be a symbol of hope and one of fancy. If you ever wanted a fairy tattoo, here are a couple of fairy tattoos ideas that might fit your need. A fairy is a mystical being that derives from Old European folklore. The fairy is seen as a spirit or can represent a very small being that has wings. They have the power of flight and some fairies are believed to have the power to grant wishes. They are magical and dispense their magic via a magic wand or pixie dust.

Fairy Tattoo Ideas: Put Some Magic In Your Life

Some of the best fairy tattoos ideas come from Walt Disney. Tinker Bell, the famous fairy of Peter Pan, is one of the most well-known of the fairy. Her blonde her and tiny blue dress invoked imagination and wonder. A fairy tattoo featuring the famous Bell will add color and mystery to your tattoo ensemble. A tattoo of Tinker Bell with Peter Pan will even add more to your display of color and animation. Though Tinker Bell might be popular and widely used, it is not the one of the most unique fairy tattoos out there.

A fairy chain of fairies are among unique fairy tattoos. A fairy chain can be several fairies holding hands or locking arms in a circle. This can be inked on a flat area of the body, but what makes it unique is that the fairy chain can tattooed around the wrist, ankle, neck, or finger. This creates the illusion that the fairies are turned in facing your body. The fairies can also be inked so the face outward to add flair to the tattoo.

Color Will Be An Important Components As The Sleeve Tattoo Is Created

A fairy sleeve tattoo designs are also unique and beautiful. A sleeve tattoo is a tattoo that covers the arm from the wrist to the shoulder. Some are smaller and will go down slightly above the wrist. With fairy sleeve tattoo designs you can create an entire theme of fairies and other creatures of myths. Have your fairy as the center piece and then add other tattoos of unicorns, centaurs, orcs, or elves. Your imagination is the limit. The fairy will catch the eye and the other creatures will accent the center piece. Color will be an important components as the sleeve tattoo is created. Make sure that the colors will blend.

When you start to look for a fairy tattoo, go to a tattoo shop and see what stencils they have available. Since fairies are popular, the shop should have many to choose from. If you want a truly unique tattoo, find a picture of a fairy on the Internet or from a book. Ask the artist to see if they are comfortable doing the tattoo for you. Usually, they will have to create a stencil to transfer the picture unto the actual skin. This may be a little more expensive than using their pre-made stencil, but the uniqueness will be displayed.

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