A&d Ointment Tattoo

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A&D Ointment Tattoo Aftercare

A&d Ointment Tattoo

A&d Ointment Tattoo Ingredients

When you get your amazing tattoo, it is also an important thing to think about what the best way is to care for them. Using tattoo ointment is highly recommended for after care use. So, there is a lot of tattoo after care offered online for care after tattooing.

For this reason, consider using A&d ointment tattoo. Most tattoo artists highly recommend using A&d ointment for tattoos. A&d ointment tattoo is a diaper rash ointment and offers great skin protecting. These ointments can also be used for post chemical peel care and to protect the newly exposed skin from environmental irritants.

A&d ointments tattoo tend to be a more popular choice. Use these ointments with a tattoo lotion until fully healed or just straight to the lotion after 8 hours covered and slathered in the cream applied by the tattoo artist.

Since many ingredients irritate very young children, it is important to research the ingredients in any over the counter product before use it. If there is no known sensitivity, apply these A&d ointment tattoo liberally the clean skin.

–          Inactive Ingredients

A&d ointment tattoo contains several ingredients including inactive ingredients and active ingredients. Inactive ingredients include cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is the ingredient that gives A&d ointment tattoo do it is high content both of these vitamins. Cod liver oil has the highest concentrations of vitamins D and A of any food. These vitamins have a high number of essential fatty omega 3 acids for antioxidant and anti inflammations.

–          Active Ingredients

  1. Lanolin (15.4%)

Lanolin is also a fatty ingredient like the substance derived as a byproduct from sheep’s wool. Lanolin is commonly used in ingredients that can found in several lip, hair,  and hand cream products, and moisturizers for emollient properties. Emollient will moisturize and soften your skin by creating a barrier which prevents transepidermal water loss or TEWL. These ingredients will moisturize the skin even when no additional moisture is applied externally.

  1. Petrolatum (53.4%)

Petrolatum is another emollient. These active ingredients are similar to lanolin in weight and other properties. It is a common ingredient in several products such as ointment and lip products, and it is cheap and readable available. Petroleum is ready availability and its extremely long shelf life makes a popular vehicle for skin care product.

–          The other ingredients that are contained in A&D Ointment includes paraffin, light mineral oil, fragrance, and microcrystalline. These ingredients make up a very small percentage of A&d ointment tattoo. Paraffin, light mineral, and microcrystalline are all petrolatum products that are similar to emollient. To increase the thickness of the ointment, paraffin used as a common ingredient. Some fragrances are used that are not specified to cover up the sometimes unpleasant smell of lanolin.

These are several ingredients that are contained in A&d ointment. Use these after care products to care your newest tattoo. Always beware A&d ointment has several ingredients that potentially can cause irritation to your skin, color loss, and allergic reactions. But most people will be fine, it never hurts to be careful!

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