Anniversary Tattoos as a Romantic Gift

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Anniversary Tattoos as a Romantic Gift

Anniversary Tattoos As A Romantic Gift

Looking for a special way to let you spouse or lover know how much they mean to you on your anniversary day? Many couples show their love and commitment to their partner by getting symbolic anniversary tattoos. Most tattoo shops have a selection of anniversary tattoos available, couples can also choose to design their own tattoos or to choose to simply get a tattoo with their name and length of time together or the date they met. For anniversary tattoos with names, check with your tattoo shop as some artist will not tattoo names of significant others on customers as a rule, after all what artist would want their customers to regret their work? Although usually, even artist who usually practice this rule will make an exception for family members names, memorial, and anniversary tattoos.

Anniversary Tattoos as a Romantic Gift

Whether you and your significant other are getting matching tattoos, or you are planning to surprise your honey on your anniversary evening by unveiling your new, permanent symbol of devotion, the first thing you will want to do is start thinking about what kind of design you want. Another important thing to consider is placement. It would be awful to get a wonderful tattoo that both you and your significant other love, but regret because the placement of the tattoo makes it difficult to appreciate, and lets face it, even the best of relationships could at some point end, even a tattoo that you wouldn’t want to remove could become regretful if your relationship ended and you can’t cover the tattoo with clothing if necessary.

The kind of anniversary tattoo you get can influence placement as well, for example, a simple but popular heart and banner tattoo can be placed almost anywhere, however a scrolling tattoo with both your names and your vows written in fancy script is going to take some planning, not to mention pain. I would recommend looking around on the internet at pictures of different examples of anniversary tattoos and going from there, you may be surprised at the vast range of unique and beautiful tattoos that couples have used as a way to celebrate and share their love. Some of the cutest and unique anniversary designs I’ve seen include, pictures of linked wedding bands with each others pet names on them, lock and key designs, and designs that match up to complete a phrase or picture when both people place their tattoos next to each other, much like those best friends hearts people wear on a chain. Another fun idea that is quite popular with couples, is letting their partner choose a tattoo for them and visa versa. You can also choose to design your own tattoos for each other, however there may be extra costs associated with getting a tattoo that you’ve designed yourself, so as always, check with your tattoo artist.

Getting an anniversary tattoo for your partner, is in my opinion, a lovely and romantic way to show your undying affection for him or her, but as with any tattoo, pick a reputable artist and choose wisely, the results are nearly permanent.

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