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The act of inking our body part with some preferable images or designs permanently has been more and more familiar to a lot of people around the globe. Many of us see tattoos as a cool way to express our feeling or emotion. A lot of people also find this permanent body art as a great way to show their unique personality. Hence, there are more reasons out there that trigger more people to start covering their body parts with various tattoo designs. However, the tradition of using tattoo on our body parts has been around for many centuries. Back then, tattoo was used to make the criminals in our society look different. This should be handy to help the authorities to identify the bad guys in the community. In this modern era, tattoo is almost like a regular habit done by almost everyone on the planet. This permanent body art is no longer associated to a certain group of people. From rock star or rapper to a humble mother in your neighborhood become more and more familiar with the use of various tattoo designs. Moreover, a great number of athletes of different kinds of sport proudly show their body parts which are well covered by some tattoos to the public. This has taken the popularity of tattoo to another level. Nowadays, tattoos can be found in almost all famous people. Let us take a well-known skater named Antwuan Dixon. This professional skateboarder is even more popular for his various tattoo designs all over his skin. Should you wish to find out more about Antwuan Dixon’s tattoos, feel free to read the rest of this passage.

Antwuan Dixon Tattoo Detail

He was born in Victorville, California on August 19, 1988. His parents attached the name Antwuan Willis Dixon on him. He spent most of his childhood in Carson. Many of his fans add “Big Kandy” in the middle of his name. Antwuan Dixon rides for Death Wish Skateboards now. Rumor has it that Antwuan Dixon got his first skateboard with a funny way. He got it from his older brother. It turned out that the skateboard was stolen from a kid at a local recreational park. Antwuan Dixon did not become a professional skateboard like he is now with all his breath-taking actions. In the early stage of his acquaintance with skateboard, Antwuan Dixon had a horrible accident. He accidentally rolled off of a car and cost him a serious injury on his eyes.

This Professional Skateboarder Is Even More Popular For His Various Tattoo Designs

As you can see from his appearance, Antwuan Dixon has covered many parts of his body with numerous tattoo designs. His face, hands and head are well covered by this permanent body art yet he does not seem to be bothered by those tattoos. One can only imagine the tremendous pain he had to endure by the time the massive tattoos were being inked on his body parts one by one. Antwuan Dixon also has some tattoos on his upper torso as well as his full sleeves. With all those tattoos, Antwuan Dixon almost seems like a professional human canvass.

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