Are Henna Tattoos Permanent?

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Henna Style Tattoos

Are Henna Tattoos Permanent?

Are Henna Tattoos Permanent? Henna is often applied to the hands and feet of women when preparing for the wedding. Now, over time, the trend of henna tattoos began ogled by the public, especially young people.

Young People Started Using Henna Tattoos For Style And Just For Fun

Tattoo enthusiasts can still enjoy the beauty of the tattoo without feeling pain when exposed to such use tattoo needle permanent or temporary tattoos are growing in the community. So is the case, many young people choose a henna tattoo supporting performances. First henna applied only on special occasions, different from now. Young people started using henna tattoos for style and just for fun. Commonly used henna tattoos on the hands and arms. But not infrequently some users put tattoos on legs, shoulders and other body parts. With henna some people think can still look fun with a unique style and easy. Not only in demand by the girls, there was also a guy who uses henna tattoos. Not just a line or flowers. Several people also wanted motif cartoon or anime. Usually the guy does like so. If you want to change motive is also easy, as easy to clean as well.

 It Is Temporary Tattoo That Have Become Part Of A Lifestyle

Are Henna Tattoos Permanent? Henna tattoos have basic colors such as orange, brown and black. Now, henna tattoos can also be modified with glitter. Usually the addition of this glitter used for those who want to look more luxurious. Sometimes also used for young children in a particular event. Like to perform on stage or some other event, Henna skin is lasting one to three weeks -depending on the type of skin a person. Henna should not exposed to soap and body lotion to make it long lasting..

Are Henna Tattoos Permanent? No, it is temporary tattoo that have become part of a lifestyle for some people. Temporary tattoos are often an option for those who do not want tattooed with permanent ink. However, do you know if it turns out a temporary tattoo store for health? Although only a temporary tattoo does not mean risk-free. Temporary tattoos materials are widely used in the United States are usually referred to as black henna or black henna. Henna itself is reddish brown dye made ​​from flowering plants. These plants usually grow in tropical countries and subtropical. Since time immemorial, it is widely used henna to dye skin, hair, nails, and silk, to wool.

 Temporary Tattoos You Should Immediately Consult A Health Expert

Are Henna Tattoos Permanent? Black henna currently available possibility is mixed with other ingredients, such as p-phenylenediamine (PPD). The goal is to make the tattoo darker and durable. Though the use of PPD in cosmetics applied to the skin are not allowed in the U.S. The addition of PPD in henna is also causing adverse reactions to some people. FDA MedWatch program received reports from consumers about serious reactions due to the use of temporary tattoos. It is reported skin problems such as redness, blisters, and more sensitive to sunlight, to permanent scarring. As a result, some people immediately get medical treatment, including admission hospital emergency room. This reaction may occur shortly after a person gets a temporary tattoo or even two to three weeks later. Are Henna Tattoos Permanent? They are not but may give you unpleasant skin reaction. Those who have a specific reaction to the skin after using temporary tattoos you should immediately consult a health expert.

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