Awesome Cross Tattoos

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If you are planning to ink yourself with something different but which also showcases your stand on your religion, a cross tattoo is the best way to go. Aside from religious symbolism, awesome cross tattoos look sexy and masculine with a slight hint of mystery to it. The best thing about these tattoos is that they look equally whether they are small or large. Remember, if you want to ink on a cross due to any other reason than a symbol of religion, be careful about its placement. A cross can be tribal, simple, or Celtic in design. It can be easily done on its own, but if you want it can also be done in conjugation with dragons, wings or Jesus on it. Whatever design you have in mind, cross tattoos looks great.

Awesome Cross Tattoos for Men and Women

A cross tattoo with Jesus on it can look very realistic and life-like, and artistic in nature. A cross tattoo with a snake wrapped around it or with wings also looks pleasing. If you are interested in a Celtic cross, there are a wide range of designs to choose from with the knots or wings, or same theme in mind; they look artistically brilliant. There are so many awesome cross tattoos that look beautiful on both men and women. A Celtic cross with a ferocious dragon atop tells a lot about person sporting it. On the other hand, a cross with rosary at its bottom looks peaceful and conveys the message of peace in your life. A cross tattoo done up as a pendant on any chain may look as if you’re really wearing a real one from afar. These awesome cross tattoos have a reality to them and look powerful. They show how masculine and religious a person is.

These Awesome Cross Tattoos Are Made In The Shape Of Gavestone

Another form of cross tattoo that is becoming widely popular is memorial cross. These tattoos are popular with all those who’ve lost their loved ones and are interested in a permanent memorial of them with them at all times. These awesome cross tattoos are made in the shape of gravestone and are poignant and deeply moving. Artist may also add suitable words to the tattoo to remember those who’ve passed away. Some people also opt for Gothic cross. Though Goth people are not religious, but they still prefer to use religious imagery in their tattoos. These designs are mostly German ins style and often consist of a cross together with dagger and barbed wire.

Mostly, Celtic crosses represent deeper meaning than a usual cross. These are awesome cross tattoos that have a circle in between symbolizing life on the Earth and lord in the Heaven and his unending love for man. Some crosses come with rosaries and are popular among Christians. The crucifix with lord Jesus and thorns on either side is a popular type of cross. Another popular design is a cross made using rough nails like the ones driven in the Jesus and this is mostly accompanied with thorns on the top. Many cross tattoos have meaningful scripts written atop the cross.

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