Aztec Tattoos Pictures and Their Meanings

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Aztec Tattoos Pictures And Their Meanings

Aztec Tattoos are very popular  today. Most people are drawn to these tattoos because of their cultural meaning. The Aztec tattoos are originated from Mexico. In the 14th through the 16th centuries, the Aztecs were dominant in Central Mexico. It is said that the Spanish colonizers destroyed the Aztec community. The Aztec mythology is far and wide and this is where the meaning of Aztec tattoos came from. We also cannot say that the Mexicans of now days all derive from Aztecs. Their mythology was very wide-spread.

Aztec Tattoos Pictures and Their Meanings

The tattoos were only done during certain rituals and in honor of Aztec Gods. The tattoos were also used to verify what ethnic groups people belonged to and warriors used them to mark their ranks and achievements. Depending on what God the people wanted to make happy, the tattoos were placed in certain areas of the body. These areas were the wrist, chest and stomach. These areas were said to be the seats of power and the language used in the tattoos was called, “Nahuati.”

The Aztec tattoos pictures are the sun, eagle, calendar, crocodile, feathered serpent, warrior god and the warrior. These are the main Aztec tattoos pictures. The sun-god, was believed to be the guardian of heaven, so the meaning of this picture is belief in the afterlife. The sun-god was the most important god according to the Aztecs. The eagle tattoo was for strength, power and courage, so many warriors used this symbol. The eagle with its head pointing west and his beak open with feathers sticking out of its head, is said to be the first, actual Aztec tattoo symbol. The calendar tattoo has many facial features in it, each face according to the Aztecs was a month.

Most Powerful God In Aztec Culture Making Him A Popular Tattoo

The calendar tattoo was the carrier of many spiritual and mythical properties. The crocodile tattoo was said to be the body to create the earth but it was mostly used for its fearsome properties. The feathered serpent tattoo is said to be the god of weather, creativity and fertility. He is also called the patron god of priesthood. The feathered serpent-god is said to be the most powerful god in Aztec culture making him a popular tattoo. The warrior god tattoo is another popular tattoo. He is said to be a god of war and strife but he is also a god of discord, natural disasters and sorcery. He is made to look fearsome on the tattoos. The warrior is the last of the Aztec tattoo pictures. This was an important tattoo for the Aztec culture. The warrior tattoo meant war but it was also thought of as the souls journey to the afterlife. The warriors of the Aztec usually got an eagle tattoo with the warrior tattoo.

Now that we have gone through the meanings of the Aztec tattoo, we need to get the right Aztec tattoo stencils. The Aztec tattoo stencils is what the artist will use to transfer your tattoo to your skin. It is the easiest way to go, unless your artist is very good at freehand.

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