Baby Foot Tattoos

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Baby Feet Tattoo

Picking the right tattoo is a personal experience. Some choose to get tattoos that represent something meaningful in their life, while others choose to get a tattoo that represents a personal mantra that they live by. Others still prefer to get tattoos that mark a special occasion or moment in time, as a means of looking back on that day. For many, the birth of a child is a day that they wish to have a constant memory of. While pictures of a birth and the moments after birth serve as a reminder of the special day, some parents wish to take that a step further. For those parents having a baby foot tattoos done makes perfect sense. These tattoos came in a variety of styles, coloring and are placed on multiple parts of the body, all dependent on the parent’s personal preferences and desires.

These Tattoos Came In a Variety Of Styles

Baby foot tattoos have become especially popular in recent years. There are multiple styles available in this type of tattoo, but the most popular is a duplicate of a baby’s footprint. These tattoos are created by utilizing the footprint created when a child is born and turning it into a tattoo, as a permanent reminder of the moment the child was born. These tattoos are stylistically dark and incorporate each of the swirls found in the child’s footprint and toes.

Baby foot tattoos can also be done in less realistic styles, by creating the outline of a child’s foot without the actual print being used. These prints are often done when a parent wants a reminder of the day their child is born, but does not like the stylistic look of the actual print. These prints are often accompanied by the name of the child.

The placement of baby foot tattoos is varied and depends entirely on what the consumer is looking for. Many parents choose to have the tattoo placed on their chest, over their heart to represent the fact that their child has their heart and always will. Others still prefer to place the baby foot tattoos on the shoulder, stomach or hip, as reminders of their child’s constant presence in their life.

The Tattoo Placement Will Be Important During This Time

Parents who wish to have this type of tattoo done should consider where and when they’d like the work completed. Fathers can have the tattoo done immediately following birth, but mothers are advised to wait several weeks after giving birth before placing tattoos on their body. This is advised as the skin is still changing following a recent birth, and the tattoo placement will be important during this time. Additionally, it is important to consider which style of tattoo you’d like. For example, if you plan to use your child’s actual print it is important to bring a photocopied image of the footprint to the tattoo parlor prior to having the tattoo done. Most shops cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged photos, so be sure to make copies and only use the copies.

Aside from these basic tips and rules, your tattoo is your decision. Make sure you are comfortable with the artist you are working with and enjoy the experience.

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