Badass Sleeve Tattoo

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The Start Half Sleeve With Badass Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoo has always been popular for people who claim themselves as tattoo lovers. Many years ago, people with sleeves tattoo are often categorized as badass. In today society, tattoo is looked the same way as other type of arts, which make normal people can have badass sleeve tattoo without being real badass.

If in the past badass sleeve tattoo is dominated with old school mainstream tattoo style than these days we can see many people with black and grey badass sleeves tattoo as well as biochemical tattoos. Colorful tattoo art and realism portrait tattoo style are not less popular then others that are mentioned previously.

Meaning Of Badass Tattoo

Badass sleeve tattoo is still considered as a part of rebellious thought or mind of the tattoo owner. Sleeve is the area that is most visible so people who has sleeve tattoo unconsciously speak out their mind” hey have a look at me, I am tattooed”. In some society or working place sleeve tattoo is not acceptable to be shown as it may affect the image of a company or certain organization.

Planning Your Tattoo

Before getting your badass sleeve tattoo you may want to consider the design, colors, and size of your badass sleeve tattoo. You can choose either you are going to have a quarter sleeve, half sleeve or full sleeve badass tattoo. You need to know that the tattoo making will take process more than one appointment if you want to make half to full sleeves tattoo. Depend on your taste or personality you should consider seriously the design of your badass sleeve tattoo as you know that it will take a long process, second it will take lots of money, third it is going to be with you forever, and last, it is going to be really painful and expensive to get rid of them once you have them.


Having badass sleeve tattoo should be getting through long process of designing, consultation with your tattoo artist and finalizing. The process usually depends on the style and design will take minimum three process of tattooing; outlining, filling and coloring. It is highly suggested to take an appointment with senior or specialized tattoo artist for your sleeves tattoo as you want it to appear really as a body apart as well as you want to be proud of it.

Custom Sleeve Tattoos Design

Geometric style tattoo is the latest trend tattoo that is not less appealing as sleeve tattoo compare to tribal and realism black and white tattoo. Other suggestion is that it is important to have a customized tattoo picture and design so you will have a real, unique and incomparable tattoo on you. The badass sleeve tattoo should reflect your identity, thought, personality, characters and visions as you plan to carry it for the rest of your life.  Sleeves tattoo can be symbolized certain story; it can be your love story, someone else’s story or story of your life. Very often also sleeves tattoo reflects dream or visions or message that is more complicated than an art piece like paintings.

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