Badass Tribal Tattoo For Guys And Women

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Badass Triba Tattoo Designs For Men Arms

We have been known Rihanna and Nicole Richie as badass girls that promote tattoo into a high fashion trend, but never forgot Angelina Jolie and Pamela Anderson who had been known longer as badass than those girl previously. Badass tribal tattoo for women is such as trend at the moment? What is badass tattoo and which tattoo can be categorized as badass tattoo?

Seriously it is hard to find definition or anything could explain badass tattoo. Badass is often understood as naughty, rebellious, free mind, free thinking and free expression.  Badass also does not have to be associated with negative things as the badass ideas can also be very cool and very clever. Badass tattoo ideas can be really cool if you want to show that you are not an average person. You have your own style, you do whatever tattoo, you place it whatever and you will say ‘Whatever’ to whatever people think and say about you.

Badass tribal tattoo for women is highly popular. Seems that emancipation also reach tattoo ideas. Badass tattoo is no longer belonging to men. You will see hot chicks, cute chicks with badass tattoo along her sleeves and you might sorry about her either think that she is cool. This is the point, badass tattoo is hip at the moment and now let’s have a look on great ideas of badass tribal tattoo for women.

Full Sleeve Badass Tribal Tattoo

Nothing best than full sleeve tribal tattoo if you want to look so much a badass. There are many tribal designs you could find on the internet, pick some motive and pattern, and then ask your tattoo artist to make one custom badass tribal tattoo for women uniquely for you. Tribal is dominated with thick black and eye-catching pattern. You need to consider different colors or blocking to avoid your sleeve badass looks like a fake sleeve tattoo you buy on the accessories shop.

Shoulder Badass Tribal Tattoo For Women

Shoulder tattoo with tribal motive always look super cool on women. Make sure you get custom design with your taste to make it really personal. Choose tribal pattern as reflections of your favorite figure such as angle, devil, flowers, and sun basically anything. Think different color blocking for your badass tribal tattoo such as blue, and red (which will make the tribal tattoo look like flame).

Shoulder Back Tribal Wings Or Dragon Tattoos

I always find tribal wings or animals tattoo looks very sexy to be placed on shoulder back area. Badass women love tank tops that it will make them like they have super power as soon as they have tribal patterned wings on the shoulder back area.

Badass Statement Tattoo With Tribal Pattern On The Side

If you like a very unique tattoo then you should consider making a custom statement tattoo. Tribal pattern is a signature style of badass image. Design a combination between letters, or symbols with your badass tribal tattoo for women to have a tattoo that no one else would copy.

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