Beautiful Women’s Tattoo Ideas

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Placing, getting and designing a tattoo are an extremely personal process. Your tattoo can be beautiful, complex and meaningful and it can also be in a public place or a private place on your body. Something you have to concern is that it will timeless. You have to try to think ahead to how you want your skin to appear for the rest of your life when thinking of a beautiful, feminine tattoo.

Beautiful Women’s Tattoo Ideas

And the mentioning below are some ideas for girls who have a plan to create a tattoo on their body. Your tattoo will be excellent if you have a little story about your tattoo, surely it will add more beauty on your tattoo.


The flowers are very popular for women’s tattoo, because it is the general theme; there are various colors, types, designs, styles and even meanings from which to choose. This tattoos can be black and white, color, detailed and even realistic, you can also create with stylized in a traditional fashion like the Japanese tattoo art. In the tattoo culture, different flowers have different meanings, for example, love, courage and commitment can be symbolized by rose, while a meaning like newness and change can be symbolized by the lotus flower. Designing leaves, filigree and stems that your flowers tattoo can be framed or shaped will be allowed to the wearer by the flowers.


These tattoos capture the image of a person. Generally, the wearers dedicated a person that very meaningful for their life such as their parents, their kids, their husband or wife or even a famous person that the wearer admires. Portraits can be realistic, detailed, color or black and white. This type will be difficult to create because the detail is not easy to achieve in tattoo art, so the image that will use should carefully be chosen. A stylized, traditional fashion, or by capturing just the silhouette of the person you want to portray in your tattoo is a easier and simpler way that a portrait tattoo can easily be achieved.


Many different messages and looks will be achieved by using the animals in tattoo art. The bravery, courage, royalty and wisdom, respectfully can be represented by the wild animals such as tigers, panthers, leopards, horses and elephant. While a fierce animal can be portrayed to masculine tattoo, the beautiful, regal and delicate animals can be portrayed to a feminine tattoo. The timeless and feminine look can be achieved by finely detailed lines and delicate color contrast with browns, blacks and grays. The animals that will fit the feminine theme as well are dolphins, butterflies, ladybugs or cats.

Nature Scenes

You can also create the nature scene images as your tattoo. Certainly the nature scenes can show your personality very much. To create a larger tattoo piece with a cohesive theme, you can arrange the suns, colorful skies, rivers and even cherry blossom trees.

So, now you have got more image inspiration you can choose to wear on your body to show the hidden message or your personality with various meaning that will be thought by everyone who look at your tattoo.

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