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Tattoos But I Didn T Know Any Female Tattoo Artists

If we are familiar with the image of the tattoo artist with muscular body, bald head, full body tattoo, piercing everywhere, or even tattoo artist in the style of hardcore punk, then the female tattoo artist that is often no less frightening though is often superb refreshment.

When entering a tattoo studio very often we are ready to look at the eclectic styles and appearances of the tattoo artist. It is very common that female tattoo artists underestimated in terms of their skills but some best female artist has proven that they are not inferior to the unique style of their own tattoo.

Most of the best female tattoo artists have become popular because of their appearance on the reality show about a tattoo on the television, but their dedication and their works before they appear on television shows already talk more. Their existence until now is the evidence that they deserve to be known as best female tattoo artists.

Kate Hellenbrtand

Kate Hellenbrtand often also referred to as the goddess of ink. She starts tattooing since 1972. She is also said to be the first American woman who went to Europe as a tattoo artist. She is also a speaker and icons of various seminars and events in the tattoo world.

Kate Von D

Maybe you already are familiar with the sexy image or pin up girl Kate Von D.  Her appearance on the show Miami Ink really counts to its popularity. In addition to her unique and sexy style, Kate Von D tattoo skills and portfolio are remarkable. This makes her now hosting her own television show called La ink. Kate von d has a very famous tattoo studio in LA called High Voltage where you will see a number of famous LA tattoo artists. Kate Von D itself is famous for its black and gray portrait tattoo that really resembles to the original portrait with red shading style as distinctive signature style that may not be imitated by anyone.

Megan Massacare

Before appearing on the television show NY Ink, Megan Massacre was very famous for her very unique style of tattooing that she called as ‘cute yet creepy’ style. Playful colors, unique color combination makes the tattoo work of Megan really distinct as they also signed with vibrant images which are so powerful and unique.

Kim Saigh

Kim Saigh has appeared several times in the television show, but he seems to prefer working as an artist than TV star. Based in Chicago, Kim Saigh popular style realism, surrealism, portrait black and white and that makes it a best female tattoo artist’s most sought-after.

Amanda Wachob

Amanda Wachob is a tattoo artist who is very famous for its high artistic soul. Her tattoo works mostly abstract style with a finishing line is clean, eye catching, and very unique. Many people compare the work of Amanda Wachob with fine art. This is why it will become a prestige if you can get a chance to be tattooed by her.

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