Best World Famous Tattoo Artist

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Kat-Von-D tattoo

Best World Famous Tattoo Artist

From many tattoo artists in the world, it is difficult to decide who the best world-famous tattoo artists. Many tattoo artists gain their popularity due to their personalization in TV shows like Miami Ink and York in new TLC TV station. It is clear that due to the appearance of their personal and professional life they become more successful not only in gaining popularity but also expanding their career. Most of the tattoo artist in Miami Ink TV shows for examples now working with creative industries designing diverse products.

Best World famous Tattoo Artist

Ami James

If you like to watch the show Miami Ink and New York Ink on TLC channel then you certainly are familiar with the name or character Ami James. What makes Ami James as tattoo artist so popular when compared to the other is, apart from her face that is captivating, as a tattoo artist Ami James mastered all kinds of tattoo without exception. His dark childhood experience makes him a tattoo artist as it is now. Moved to many towns with his father, who is also a painter of Judaism, Ami James quite often lived in Israel and often feel less attention. Ami James keeps drawing to alternate his emotions. His interest further in art is what makes him fond tattoo as he had his first by the age of 15.

Nick Baxter

Nick Baxter is a famous American tattoo artist in the style of large-scale color tattoos. He is specialized in large-scale color tattoo. His protrusion of details makes him one of the many world-famous tattoo artist. Nick Baxter is also famous for its harsh themes, moral messages contained on his works. He really looked human skin as a canvas. Very often he created scenario on the tattoo he made that also the lines, colors and shading are created often look so lively and difficult to describe in words.

Yoji Harada

From his name it can be guessed that this world famous tattoo artist is a Japanese who has been developing his career in Chicago. Predictably,  Yoji  tattoo style can be distinguished by his Japanese style tattoo, the pop Japanese letter and arts which greatly favored the younger generation. Yoji has also opened a special clothing line for children’s clothes with hipster style design.

Kate Von D

Kate Von D is a female tattoo artist who became famous because of her performance at serial reality show Miami Ink. Many people like her because of her bold and sexy personality. Kate Von D has Mexican, Spanish and German blood which makes her very unique. Her specialization is portrait and realism tattoo.The unique style of Kate Von D tattoo is certainly related women instincts where she can make her illustrations seem more real, smooth, sexy and unique character. Leveraging its popularity as one of the world-famous tattoo artist Kate Von D then make a book with the title High Voltage Ink which actually the name of the her tattoo studio. The book that was released in 2009 is listed in New York Time Best Seller.

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