Bible Verse Against Tattoos to See if Tattoos are Right For You

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Some tattoo designs are obviously unrelated to any religious life and some are derived from a number of religious imagery. The religious images like the face of Jesus or some Christianity symbols are used in tattoo designs these days. Some people even have bible verses written on their body. Those ways are just their own method to express themselves. Perhaps, they are fed up with the tattoo designs that feature horrible images. They have less interest in choosing an animal image as their tattoo design. They believe that having a tattoo with some religious character will give more satisfaction. Little that you know that religious belief is hardly to find any coherent with the existence of tattoos. For example, Islam and Judaism are the two common religions that cannot be associated with tattoo in any way. Islam would be the only religion that has a rapid growth on the planet over the decades. The followers of this peaceful religion are called Muslim.

Bible Verse Against Tattoos To See If Tattoos Are Right For You

The Muslim people are totally prohibited from having any tattoo on their body. They believe that the act of tattooing is against the will of Allah; their one and only God. If you are a Muslim, you should keep your body clean from any tattoo. Perhaps, some temporary tattoo are allowed for Muslims as they can clean them before at any time they want. In Christianity, the followers of this popular religion keep on debating the existence of tattoos. Unlike Islam that clearly forbids any Muslim to have any kind of tattoo, some Christian believers assume that the Christian book only prohibits the pagan tattoos. Furthermore, Christian history has it that the people with some tattoos on their body were regarded as the worshipers of pagan life of the devil. The Christian people who deny the existence of tattoo in their life point out some bible verse that clearly prohibits any individual to apply this body art. The verse 28 in Leviticus Chapter 19 would be the bible verse that stands against tattoos. The holy verse says “ You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord”. With this bible verse against tattoos, the Christian people stand their ground to fight the existence of tattoo in their life.

They Have Less Interest In Choosing An Animal Image As Their Tattoo Design

However, some Christian people believe that this bible verse against tattoos needs to be clarified first. They think that we have to dig out the real meaning behind this Old Testament. They assume that the verse is only applicable in the past. The bible verse against tattoos was meant for those who lived in the era where people with tattoos on their body were considered as the worshipers of the devil. At that time, tattoos were closely associated to the people with false religious practice. Therefore, the bible verse against tattoos in Leviticus chapter 19 verse 28 cannot be applied in this modern era. This would be the era where many people see the tattoos as another means of expressing themselves. The people who choose to have a tattoo on their body is no different from those who sing or draw some paintings.

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