Black Tattoo Ideas: Bold Art On Any Skin Complexion

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Hand And Foot Prints Name Black Tattoo Design

Black tattoo ideas are usually ideal for most skin types because the black ink will show up boldly on most skin complexions. Aside from the color black, tattoos that are “black” in theme could have a meaning to them that are specific to Black, African, or African-American culture. If you’re seriously considering getting a tattoo, here are a few black tattoo ideas you may want to consider.

Black Heart Tattoos

Black heart tattoos can hold the meaning that love is dark and complicated. Or, you can choose to have a heart tattoo inked on you in black ink just so that is will be especially evident on your skin. The heart can have the name of a loved one written inside of it, or you can add another image to black heart tattoos like a rose or vines. Larger tattoos are usually fitting for places on the body like the thigh or the upper back. If you want a small tattoo, your wrist or neck may be ideal places to get your new body ink.

African American Tattoo Ideas

African American tattoo ideas include getting the image of a notable figure in black history like Martin Luther King, Jr., Harriet Tubman, or Marcus Garvey tattooed on the body. Or, you may want to have the likeness of a parent or grandparent tattooed on you to signify your personal family history.

Other African American tattoo ideas like having the shape of the African continent tattooed on the body and filled in with the African colors (red, green and black) show pride in African heritage. There are also smaller African symbols that hold significant meaning like Akoben, which is in the shape of a war horn and is a sign of vigilance or the Aya, which is a fern shape is signifies resourcefulness. Animal tattoos are also a creative way to honor African or African American culture. For instance, the lion is a symbol of strength and royalty, the elephant is a symbol of kindness and nobility and the monkey represents entertainment or intelligence.

Since spirituality is a significant part of African-American culture, it may also be fitting for you to get a Bible verse or an excerpt of a Bible verse tattooed on your body. Part of a popular verse from the Bible like “the Lord is my shepherd” from the twenty-third division of Psalms or “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors” from the Lord’s Prayer often make beautiful tattoos and can serve as inspiration during difficult times. The words can also be accented with additional images like roses, a cross or a small image of a Bible.

Before you decide on the African-American tattoo art that is best for you, take a look at a few pictures to see which images move you. Consider your personal family history as well as the history of African-Americans who have made strides in areas of interest to you to help you determine which tattoo is best as well. You can also take a look at the tattoos of African American celebrities to get ideas for tattoo placement and design.

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