Brother Sister Tattoo

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Brother Sister Tattoo

Brother Sister Tattoo

Some tattoos have a deep meaning and tell a story. Maybe a story of childhood memories between siblings. Maybe a story of unconditional love. Brother and sister tattoos tend to do just that. When you want to pay tribute to the bond you have with your brother or sister, a brother or sister tattoo is a powerful statement. You can have it placed somewhere easily visible to everyone or somewhere less discrete. Regardless, the choice where it rests will probably be decided upon by you and your sibling. A second bond to bring you together outside of the ink.

Adivce Ideas About Brother Sister Tattoo

Deciding just what your brother or sister tattoo will look like is the beginning of the fun. Possibly a bright and colorful tattoo of a favorite cartoon character from your childhood. The options are endless. Quotes are always a classic choice. You could quote a favorite song of your Mother’s that she’d sing repeatedly while making dinner. Accompany the lyrics with music notes and your sibling’s initials. Another quote option could be your sibling’s favorite quote. Once that is decided upon, your sibling chooses the beginning or ending half of the quote. You each have one half of the quote tattooed. That way the quote begins with one sibling and ends with the other. If you both went to the same school, a tattoo of your school’s mascot would eternally remind you of the youth and good times you share. A common choice among those wanting to keep the true meaning of the tattoo secret, are symbols. Choose the symbol for “brother” or “sister” in Chinese to be tattooed. Research a bit to find the exact word and language you want the symbol in. The sky is the limit! A catching trend are puzzle piece tattoos now. This tattoo can be used for multiple siblings. Each sibling has a puzzle piece tattooed in the form that if partnered with the other siblings’, the pieces would interlock. For those looking for a simple choice, inking one another’s name is a great choice for your brother or sister tattoo. What ever you choose, your brother or sister tattoo will be a loving statement.

If You Want To Share The Bond Of A Brother Or Sister Tattoo

Picking the perfect spot to have your tattoo placed can be the most challenging. If your quote is lengthy and you want a large print, you’ll need to choose a place of your body that will accommodate the quote. Possibly up or down your forearm or across your shoulders for a long quote. You and your sibling(s) can choose to have them placed in the same spot on your shoulder or opposing shoulders. A small, dainty tattoo could be placed on your wrists or ankles. If you want to share the bond of a brother or sister tattoo but there are complications such as dress code restrictions at work, choosing a less discrete place is the answer. Having a tattoo on the back of your neck would be covered up by your hair or a shirt collar. No matter the choice, it will be the right choice.

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