Butterfly Sleeve Tattoos

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Butterfly Sleeve Tattoo

Butterfly Sleeve Tattoos

Tattoos have become a common body jewelry for people of both genders of today. Everyone is finding value in getting a tattoo, though there are many tattoo types and designs the most common brand is the butterfly sleeve tattoos. Before you buy butterfly sleeve tattoos you may want to be enlightened of the advantages and disadvantages of these types of tattoos. After you gain the knowledge for what to expect with a sleeve tattoo then you can make your decision on if you should get the tattoo or not. Sleeve tattoo designs come in three ways full sleeve, half a sleeve and quarter sleeve tattoos.

Butterfly Sleeve Tattoos

Full sleeve tattoos fill the entire arm some people choose to just get one arm in a sleeve while others may choose to get both arms tattooed. Half sleeve tattoos are exactly what the name says it covers half the arm which means it stops around the elbow area. The quarter sleeve tattoo stop further up than the other two and is the easiest to cover up.

Advantages of Sleeve Tattoos

There are many advantages to sleeve tattoos from keeping up with the latest fashion trends to their ability to be hid easily. Say you have a job interview at a large corporation and hiding your butterfly sleeve tattoos is a must, then your best bet is to wear a shirt that covers them. Now if you have a quarter sleeve tattoo then chances are you can find a shirt that stops closer to your shoulder with a quarter sleeve tattoo. If you have a half sleeve tattoo it can be quite easy to hide as well with a shirt that sleeves stop by your elbow. Lastly the full sleeve tattoo can be the most difficult but for men it may be the easiest because working for a professional corporation causes for men to wear suits. Butterfly sleeve tattoos have become popular with men and women and the good thing about that is that most people have tattoos which means that managers and owners will be more understanding about covering up your sleeve tattoo.

Disadvantages of Sleeve Tattoos

There are many disadvantages of getting a sleeve tattoo no matter what the design rather your get butterfly sleeve tattoos or something else. You’ll learn that though tattoos are in common demand many professional jobs aren’t as welling to accept tattoos as society may be. Sleeve tattoos can not only make it difficult for you to get a job, but it also limits the type of clothes you can wear to an interview. When choosing something to wear you will have to limit yourself to long-sleeved shirts now if it’s the winter time this is fine, but during the other seasons especially summer time you can get really hot with a long sleeve shirt on. Other disadvantages include social acceptance because many jobs will discriminate against those who have visible tattoos this is why it is important to think about the consequences of tattoo placement.

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