Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

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Butterfly Skull Cross Rose Tattoo

Tattoos are a form of body art that is featured in cultures around the world. Tattoos on the body are inked because of religious reasons, cosmetic cover up, artistic expression, cultural or tribal identity, or a form of magical symbolism. A butterfly is a very popular tattoo and a beautiful symbol for women. Because the development journey of a butterfly is long and hard, this insect signifies our lives which often goes through radical changes and difficult experiences, only to be revealed or transformed into something amazingly beautiful.

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

This amazing insect has a shape and colorful array of wings that looks great inked on the body. Many cultures believe that the butterfly symbolizes the mind or the soul and in other cultures, butterflies represent the soul of a love one, leaving the body. Butterfly tattoos can be inked anywhere on the body, the back, leg, shoulder, neck, wrist, or foot.

Butterfly tattoos are artistically inked onto the skin according to your inspirations or imagination. Butterflies are varied in design, size, and color, which is why as a tattoo design, they are inked in various sizes, such as large and small designs on body parts. Large butterflies are featured more on the chest and the back. Smaller sized butterfly designs are placed on the neck, neck, ankles, and hands.

Butterfly ideas are innumerable with tattoo art styles that feature settings for butterflies to be depicted in and around. Settings include tribal, hearts, flowers, animals, hearts, fairies, stars, flags, and a host of other butterfly tattoo ideas. Using the search feature of the Internet is a great way to get butterfly tattoo ideas and designs.

That Perfect Butterfly Symbol To Be Expressed On Your Body

There are hundreds of designs and ideas for that perfect butterfly symbol to be expressed on your body. Women are the main wearers of butterfly tattoos, but men do choose this design for their body’s as well. Men prefer getting butterfly tattoos with a masculine symbol, designed around it. Men choose Celtic crosses or tribal designs with specific themes for their butterfly tattoo designs and ideas.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, butterfly tattoo designs represents a male and female lifestyle on parts of the body. A butterfly on a shoulder blade, indicates that they are a dreamer, the chest area means that they have unconditional love for nature, the lower back represents stability, prosperity and trust.

Butterfly Featuring Brilliant And Bold Coloring

No two butterfly tattoos are alike because of the varied hues, colors, shape, 3-D images, and symmetry lines that they can be drawn upon. As an unlimited number of styles and color combinations, butterfly tattoo designs, rank near the top of the most popular tattoo selections. Butterfly tattoo ideas feature this beautiful insect flying, perching, clustered, with the most popular being the “monarch” butterfly featuring brilliant and bold coloring.

The other popular butterfly tattoos are the swallowtail which features a long tail at the end of its hind wings. The South American “blue morpho” butterfly if often tattooed in shimmering blue hues and the next popular butterfly is the “birdwing” which features their natural tropical colorings of yellow, white, black, blue and orange species.

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