Cancer Tattoo Ideas And Ribbons For Survivors

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Cancer Tattoo Ideas And Ribbons For Survivors

Cancer Ribbon Tattoos ideas are an excellent way of showing you support for cancer awareness or that you are a cancer survivor. Cancer Survivor Tattoo ideas are an excellent way of showing that you have survived cancer. Cancer Ribbon tattoo ideas can be done with all the cancer ribbons that are out there. Cancer survivor tattoo ideas, you can use the ribbon that represents your cancer. For instance, a woman who has had ovarian cancer can have the ovarian cancer ribbon made into a butterfly tattoo. Cancer tattoo ideas for men could be using the cancer ribbon in a masculine warrior type tattoo. Other cancer tattoo ideas for men could be a dragon with the cancer ribbon as his tail. You have all types of cancer ribbons from breast cancer to prostate cancer.

Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Ideas

The ribbons represent the cancer and each ribbon is a unique color and some have certain shapes to represent cancer they are associated with. Getting a cancer ribbon tattoo is a unique way and not often seen support for cancer. If you search the internet you can find all kinds of designs for cancer ribbon tattoos for women and cancer ribbon tattoo ideas for men. As a cancer survivor myself, I had my cancer ribbon tattooed on my leg to show that I am a survivor. It is very unique and often much appreciated by other people. Some cancer survivor ribbon ideas could be a butterfly where the ribbon is the body and have wings showing that you soared about cancer. You can also have it as an angel’s body and have wings with it to so in memory of someone who lost the fight. Some more cancer ribbon ideas for men could be done in a tribal style or with a bold cross with the ribbon draped around it for in memory of someone. Cancer ribbon tattoos are becoming a very popular and have become somewhat of a fashion trend among cancer patients and family members.

Cancer Tattoo Ideas For Men

Some advice about getting a tattoo is to get something that means something to you. If you were a cancer patient and survivor or you are close to someone who has or has had cancer then get your tattoo with the appropriate cancer ribbon. Cancer is a scary thing to go through and if someone close to you was to get a tattoo, a permanent mark on their body to show you support, that should make you proud. Cancer ribbons can be design into anything you would want them to be for a tattoo. Just make sure you do the appropriate color for the cancer you are wanting to represent. Also, when getting your cancer ribbon tattoo make sure you have a great tattoo artist. One who will understand what you want and they will also help you pick out the perfect design for your tattoo. They will also take the time to make sure they do it right on your body, because they know that it means a lot.

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