Celebrities With Father Son Tattoo Ideas

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matching father son tattoos

Celebrities With Father Son Tattoo Ideas

People have many reasons to get tattoo in their body. Most of tattoo ideas came out as the result of emotional passions and feeling. Father son tattoo ideas are popular for men or specifically married men. Many father or new father claimed to get inspired when seeing their child birth, as well as thinking making tattoo with their baby names.

Celebrities With Father Son Tattoo Ideas

Father son tattoo ideas are apparently become more popular among Hollywood celebrities. Tattoo that was used to show ‘manly’ images nowadays has developed its function to show ‘loving father’ images.  Tattoo as body art or simply to express thoughts and feelings also have deep philosophy that logically related to father and son or daughter relationship. The ‘permanent’ carve on human body, is a symbol of ‘forever’ or ‘long-lasting- relationship between father and child that could not be erased such as husband-and wife relationship between men and women.

David Beckham

David Beckham is one famous person who has his entire children name on his body. The first father son tattoo ideas of David beckham are located in his low back pants line, named his fist son name ‘Brooklyn’. His second father son tattoo is Romeo and the third Cruz just on his back.  Even that we heard once about David and Victoria difficult relationship after ‘Becks another woman’ scandal, their marriage is still strong until today and David’s love to his children cannot be doubted.

Johnny Deep

Johnny Deep has his daughter Lily Rose name tattooed across his heart. Other tattoo that came from father son tattoo ideas is name tattoo of his son Jack underneath a flying Sparrow. His statement as a loving father also can be seen from his three hearts tattoo as symbols of his love to wife and children.

Le Bron James

This American basketball athlete is one famous people who love father son tattoo ideas. Le Bron James tattooed with three initials of his children on his triceps.

Kobe Bryant

Basket ball players love to have tattoo on arms as they can show it off during the match. Kobe Bryant is one athlete that love tattoos on his body. This sentimental dad has the name of his daughter Natalie and Gianna tattooed on his right wrist.

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor may look naughty but he is a loving father for at least his wife and children. He has proven that he is a serious father with his father son tattoo ideas with Heart and dagger tattoo of his four sons and daughter sClara, Esther, Jamiyan, and Anouk.

Justin Bieber

That Justin will turn up father hopefully is just a hoax, young Biber claimed that the seagull tattoo on his belly is a family tattoo. Even that it is hard to believe but we believe tattoo addiction is true in his blood as Justin and his dad Jeremy Bieber did make matching father son tattoo in Israel. Both of them were attooed with ‘yeshua’ , the Hebrew name of Jesus located on their left side torsos.

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