Cervical Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

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Cervical Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Cervical cancer is a common disease that we hear these days that also become the cause of death of so many women. No wonder then there are many campaigns and issues concerning cervical cancer started become familiar. The loss of mother, family, friends, friends who suffer from cervical cancer certainly gives great emotional experience for someone. Feelings of loss, feelings of love and so often expressed through a tattoo. Cervical cancer ribbon tattoos like other cancer ribbon tattoo became popular and commonly encountered today.

If you have family or relatives, friends, friends, girlfriends or anyone who deserves moral support, or you just want to express concern or condolences in patients with cervical cancer, you might want to consider making cervical cancer ribbon tattoos. The interesting value of cancer ribbons is the feminine design and colors. Most of the cancer ribbon has vibrant colors such as pink, purple, red, orange, white, blue and many other colors. Color of ribbon cervical cancer is teal or bluish green which is very beautiful when combined with other feminine tattoo designs such as flowers, butterflies, birds, wings and more.

Cervical cancer ribbon tattoos is not only popular among women but also men. People who experiences lost of cancer patients or deal with cervical cancer survivor are not only women. Cervical cancer may affect anyone, no matter the gender is. Here are some cool designs of cervical cancer ribbon tattoos that worth to steal.

Wings And Butterfly Cervical Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Teal is a trend color, it gives off a cool or chilling mood. This is another reason people love cervical cancer ribbon as tattoo ideas. Butterfly is the most popular design combined with the cervical cancer ribbon.  Combination of colors black, white and teal will make the ribbon tattoo looks very current (pop art colors).  Wings and butterfly on cancer ribbon tattoos also symbolized hope. This is why this cervical cancer ribbon tattoos is a great idea for the cancer survivor.

Cross With Cervical Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Other popular tattoo design with cancer ribbon is cross with cancer ribbon tattoos. This tattoo symbolized, hope and faith. This tattoo idea is great for both men and women. For men you can make the cross look masculine with thick bold black line and shade, and for women, colorful and simple cross can be a great idea.

Cervical Cancer Ribbon With Flowers Tattoos

Rose has always been popular tattoo ideas for women. It symbolizes love, passions, sympathy friendship, care and support. This is why rose will go perfectly when design together with cancer ribbons. Choose best rose colors fits to the cervical cancer ribbon for your cervical cancer ribbons tattoos. For example, if your friend is a cancer survivor, you can put yellow rose next or along the teal color cervical cancer ribbon. Those colors are going together really well.

Cervical Cancer Ribbon With Heart Tattoo

Last but not least, what can define love better than love symbols itself? Make your custom heart with cervical cancer ribbon tattoos. Choose brave red, fuchsia red or pink heart for your tattoo if you like feminine design tattoo.

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