Chaz Ortiz Tattoos

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Chaz Ortiz Tattoos

The popularity of tattoos is at the highest point nowadays as they are found on a great number of people in many communities. A long time ago, tattoos were only used by those people in the military. Our history has it that the prisoners and individuals who committed crimes were specially marked by tattoos. Other than that, people with tattoo designs on their body parts used to hide them from the society. The tattoo industry grew up in an underground movement at that time. Back then, having a tattoo was still considered as a crime in a number of states in this country. These days, having some body parts covered by tattoo designs is no longer associated with crimes. More and more people opt for tattoos as an alternative way of self-expression. Furthermore, the tattoo industry has successfully blended in many aspects of our lives including skateboarding. In the past few years, the popularity of tattoo among skateboarding communities have increased very rapidly.

Chaz Ortiz Tattoos

There are many professional skateboarders from various teams like Deathwish and Baker who perform their amazing skateboarding skills and who apparently have plenty of tattoo designs on their body parts. Let us take Chaz Ortiz for today’s example. This rising skater has managed to become a popular and professional skateboarder at such a young age. Chaz Ortiz has stunned skateboarding fans and enthusiasts with his breath-taking stunts. He is also known to have some tattoo designs on parts of his body. Should you wish to find out more about Chaz Ortiz and his tattoos, feel free to read the rest of this article.

Chaz Ortiz was born on May 4, 1994 in Chicago Illinois. He was introduced to the world of skateboarding at an early stage of his life. He got his first skateboard from his dad when he was just six years old. Ever since Chaz Ortiz got his first skateboard, he never spent a single day without practicing various skateboarding tricks. Some report that he would not sleep and practice through the night. Chaz Ortiz started his career in skateboarding at the age of 13. He decided to join the Free Flow Tour competition. That would be his first premier amateur tour. Chaz Ortiz managed to steal the crowd’s attention and amaze the judges with his various tricks. In 2007, he became the Free Flow Champion. His achievement brought him to his first pro contest for the AST Dew Tour’s Panasonic Open on June 2008 in Baltimore.

Let Us Take Chaz Ortiz For Today’s Example

One of the most noticeable of Chaz Ortiz’s tattoos would be the one on his chest. The tattoo that says Legend Never Dies is well inked across his chest. Chaz Ortiz is also reported to have some tattoo designs done by a famous tattoo artist in Miami recommended by Lil Wayne. Chaz Ortiz also has a cool tattoo design on his arm. The tattoo features the image of a skull and he named this tattoo Steez Skull. It looks very trendy on him. Some people even wonder if he created the word Steez as his nickname.

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