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Common Tattoo Fonts

What is the most Common Tattoo Fonts to use? Many famous people such as David Beckham made a Chinese character tattoo on his body. It seems that in the west if you use Chinese characters tattoo on your body, either in your shoulder, arm or wrist or anywhere else, you can be famous.

Chinese Character Is a Mysterious

Chinese character is a mysterious and must be understood thoroughly. Not everyone can understand the meaning of the letters, and this is what makes the Chinese characters into the Common Tattoo Fonts. Many people want to use Chinese characters as tattoos. However, before you decide to get a tattoo with Chinese characters, make sure you understand the meaning of these characters. You should consult Chinese experts and ask them what the meaning of a Chinese character for your life. Usually Chinese experts are not just going to pick a character based on meaning, but also they would choose Chinese characters based on the character that will or can affect your life. Usually they will ask your date or year of birth, zodiac read your luck before selecting the most appropriate Chinese character for you.

Apart from Common Tattoo Fonts, Chinese experts will choose a Chinese character based on your Chinese zodiac as well as symbols to worship, faith, power, friendship, happiness, home, hope and luck. This choice reflects what people want for their lives or what they think is best to show their personality, confirms the identity or share the experience. This is one of the advantages of Chinese character tattoos. You will love Chinese character and you will be wondering why Chinese people or most Asians do not have a China character tattoo.

Chinese Characters Are Very Popular

As Common Tattoo Fonts, Chinese characters are very popular. But it’s not just that because almost everything that comes from China culture is amazing. If you want to create a more exclusive tattoo of Chinese characters, you can use the dragon tattoo. Dragon is a special myth animal that comes from Chinese culture. If you want your tattoo more beautiful, you can use a large dragon tattoo with small tattoo Chinese characters around the dragon or vice versa – Chinese characters with a small dragon nearby. Actually, the people in Asia prefer pictures of flowers or insects as a tattoo because it can show their closeness to nature.

One more thing that unique from such tattoos is that images and Chinese characters can be made into Chinese calligraphy. But choose Chinese calligraphy should really be well considered because Chinese calligraphy is not just writing but also the portrayal of emotion or the mood of the person who translated into calligraphy.

If not so fond of Chinese Common Tattoo Fonts, you can choose Chinese calligraphy. But you have to be careful because not every word, proverbs or philosophies in calligraphy can be translated directly into English or other languages. Inaccurate translation will make you embarrass for a long time. For example, because the shapes of the characters are similar, the word “freedom” could be mistranslated into “cheap”. So, be careful. It is recommended that you have the right language translator and a reputable tattoo shop so that you will not choose Chinese Common Tattoo Fonts wrongly.

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