Cool Boondock Saints Tattoos from the Movie

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Boondock Saints, the movie, is a cinematic showcase of awesome tattoos. The Tattoos, a mix of religious icons, Irish symbols and declarations of justice are an excellent mix of both touching and tough tattoo images. The fans of the movie, which are legion, have even taken inspiration from boondock saints tattoos by coming up with their own spin of the original images. Thinking of getting your own Boondock Saints ink? Let the movie and its fans inspire you.

Cool Boondock Saints Tattoos

The Boondock Saints tattoos from movie cover three areas; religion, family and justice. The movie’s main leads, fraternal twin brothers Conner and Murphy McManus, each has a simple black outlined tattoo of the Virgin Mary on the left side of their necks. The Virgin Mary is a perfect representation of their religious and familiar devotion. This symbol is particularly poignant since the brothers grew up without their father and were raised only by their mother.

The Boondock Saints Tattoos Cross, inked onto a forearm of each brother, is Celtic. The Celtic cross, with its woven design and circled cross shows the personal pride the bother’s have in their Irish roots. The Crosse’s symbolic meaning of honor, faith, and balance mirror the brother’s mission of restoring balance within society. The Boondock Saints Tattoos Cross is a beautiful design no matter what meaning it holds and, would be a beautiful addition to a larger faith-based tattoo.

Cool Boondock Saints Tattoos From The Movie

Perhaps the best known of the Boondock Saints tattoos from movie are the two Latin phrases on the index fingers of the brother’s hands. Conner’s left index finger bears the word “VERITAS” or “Truth”, whereas Murphy’s right index finger bears the word “AEQUITAS” or “Justice.” The cause of truth and justice, even in the brother’s bloody vigilante style, is the driving force of the movie. Make sure if you choose this tattoo to get the spelling accurate. No one wants to walk around with a misspelled tattoo even if the words are in old school Latin!

A popular fan created boondock saints tattoos is the prayer the brother’s recite before doling out their particular brand of justice. The poem, which can be found by doing a simple Google search, is often used as a large back tattoo. This space allows for incorporation of scroll work and other meaningful symbols such as the Celtic cross.

Popular Fan Created Boondock Saints Tattoos

The two guns from the movie poster cradled in the brother’s hands are another fan favorite. The guns often include the Latin phrases used in the movie or incorporate Rosaries. The design can be placed anywhere on the body but makes a great additional to the back of the shoulders as the crossed guns almost look like wings.

Other favorites are the rosaries worn by the brothers and caricatures of the brothers themselves. More elaborate designs have included an amazing work of the two brothers that feels like it has just jumped from the movie screen. Tattooed onto a left and right arm, together again, waiting to bring justice to their corner of the world.

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