Cross Tattoos With Roses

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Cross Tattoo With Rose Tattoo Ideas For Women

Wondering what kind of awesome tattoo design ideas which show roses element ? How about with cross tattoos with roses ? Roses tattoo designs combined with the cross becomes even more sacred and very personal. For someone especially a woman, the rose can be interpreted as an expression of her love for a man she loved. A feminine side which is represented by roses can make women who also¬† as tattoo enthusiasts more confident express their feelings through tattoos. Coupled with a cross necklace or rosary elements which pointed out one’s relationship with his/her God.

The Lotus Flower As Part Of Their Culture

In the development of the world civilization, from time to time the rose became a symbol of history, part of the myth and eventually became a legend throughout the world. In some understanding of history, a rose tattoo especially cross tattoos with roses is very popular in the western culture. While in the eastern culture, they prefer the lotus flower as part of their culture. In ancient Greek and Roman legend, originally known rose color is white instead of red. For them, roses are a symbol of love and beauty. The change from the white roses to the red roses relate to the story of the goddess Aphrodite who is known as the goddess of love. One day, the goddess Aphrodite punctured by a rose thorn and her blood dripping on a bunch of white roses, then white roses eventually change color to red roses a result of blood droplets the goddess Aphrodite.

Some Interesting Locations For Tattoos

Currently, cross tattoos with roses come in different designs, ranging from variations of the tattoo coloring black and gray, red roses crown with green leaves, up to full color designs. Cross tattoos with roses which is designed by Shoe represented with a black and grey color. A beautiful rose combined with a cross necklace or rosary. This awesome design could be obtained through Bullseye Tattoos website. Meanwhile, for the placement of cross tattoos with roses also have different options depending on the desire of every tattoo enthusiasts who want to apply to the part of their body. Some interesting locations for tattoos is right and left arm, back of the neck, the back of the right shoulder and left, upper right chest and left, lower back, and right foot.

Consult With Your Favourite Tattoo Artist

One important thing to note by the tattoo enthusiasts, if you want to apply cross tattoos with roses on your body. We recommend that you do research before tattooed. Begin research on the style, design, color, size, body location, and meaning of tattoos. If you are in a hurry to determine one of the cross tattoos designs with roses, it may appear disappointment when you see the end result does not match what you want. For that case, please use your time wisely to consult with your favourite tattoo artist and make sure you select a tattoo design that has been discussed thoroughly. Once again, because this is a permanent tattoo then it will be difficult to remove in a short time also replace them with a new tattoo more you like.

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