Cross With Flowers Tattoos

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Cross With Flowers Tattoos

Cross With Flowers Tattoos

Cross with flowers tattoos is one of the most popular feminine tattoos. Many women like to reflect or express their sentimental feeling and religious thought through tattoo. Flowers has been a great accompany design for cross as there are many types of cross tattoo design as well that somehow will look better with more details and ornaments. For example, Celtic cross with flowers tattoos most of the time is combined with flowers such as Lily and Rose (English flowers) when it comes to the feminine line of Celtic cross design.

Flowers such as rose, lily, and Cody are often used to accompany cross with flowers tattoos. If men like masculine black, tribal, black and grey, heart, chain or skull to accompany their tattoo, women who like feminine old style design mostly prefer romantic cross design. Cross as a religiously symbol reflects faith while flowers reflects or express love, passions, and also humanity. This make cross with flowers tattoos should be a meaningful tattoo.

If you like custom design tattoo and you like feminine tattoo design, cross with flowers tattoos can be a great idea. Here are view things that need to be considered before designing your cross with flowers tattoos.

Style And Design Of The Cross With The Flowers Tattoos

You need to decide your tattoo style before design it for sure. To get a clear idea about the design, first you need to find a design of your cross before the flowers. The cross should be the major focus on the design, as the flowers become the attributes or ornament. There are many style can be picked up from the internet, and you will find yourself whether you like colorful simple cross, Celtic cross with more details, wooden cross picture, or tribal cross. After finding your desired cross, you can then start thinking about the flower design. Find the flower you like on the internet, choose your favorite colors, and then pass both picture to your tattoo artist to make you view alternative for your custom cross with flowers tattoos.

Your Cross With The Flowers Tattoo Meanings

Different cross and flowers can symbolize different meanings. This could be a great reference or consideration when choosing cross design, details and colors. You don’t want to send different message through your custom cross. For example, Celtic cross unnecessarily related to Christianity. Celtic cross has different philosophy such as the four directions can symbolize four directions north, east, west and south, it is also earth, wind, water and fire, and many other spiritual meanings. Do not forget also inverted cross symbolizes Satanism or anti-Christ sects. Make sure you are aware of the symbols you bring on you as you don’t want to have to change it in the future.

Placement And Size Of The Cross Tattoos

If you make your cross with flowers tattoos for religious reasons, you might want to place the cross respectfully. Place the cross on your back, arms, or hips can be a great ideas. Small cross with flowers also will look great on your fingers or wrists. Some people like to put the cross on their feet but guess it means they don’t take the cross seriously.

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