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Best Henna Tattoos Designs Ideas

How to make a cute henna tattoos ? Do you prefer henna tattoos than permanent tattoo ?  For you who want to appear attractive and beautiful with temporary tattoos, a henna tattoos is one of solution to accommodate your desire on tattoo artwork. Some people maybe dare for tattooing their body and able to withstand the pain of the permanent tattoo needle prick. Otherwise, for a person who want to make a tattoo but he/she afraid with pain of the permanent tattoo needle prick then better for them choose alternatives for creative tattoo namely a temporary tattoos. Now, a cute henna tattoos became most popular temporary tattoos in the world especially Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australia and America.

Limitations Of Henna Color

Cute henna tattoos are usually applied to the palm of the hand upper or down, wrists, ankles, and feet. Some people put a henna tattoo on the side of the shoulder, upper back and back of the neck. A coloring henna tattoos have very limited dye collections, that is commonly used are dark brown and golden brown. Limitations of henna color due to the henna dyes only made ​naturally ​from  extracted a henna plant. Extracts from the henna plant is stated environmentally friendly and safe for the skin. The plant is only found in the Middle East and Asia. Lucky now, the dye manufacturer for henna tattoos have been exported to many other countries. Even dye henna tattoo today easily purchased through big online stores such as Amazon and eBay. So, it will easier for you who want to make a cute henna tattoos.

The Popular Henna Tattoo Designs

When based on a general guide to make the popular henna tattoo designs, tattoo styles and designs synonymous with floral elements, carvings and symmetrical lines. This is due to the influence of cultural origin henna tattoos are Middle East and Asia. You can observe the style and shape of the scratches are beautiful covered the surface of hands and feet. Every curve that follows the shape of the hands and feet are made in detail and full of rigor and eventually shape the elements flowers. The design patterns of henna tattoos are unique and original. That is why most people will be easier to understand and recognize that the only one that uses design as it is just a henna tattoo.

Although henna tattoos have a conservative style or original as the flow of cultural origin from Middle East and Asia, As the henna tattoo enthusiasts not mean you can not explore the style and design as you wish. Nowadays contemporary styles can be found in henna tattoos that refer to a permanent tattoo designs. Similarly, in terms of size, shape and position of tattooing placement on the body, some tattoo enthusiasts experimenting with henna tattooing modern design. Only one thing can not be explored, namely the limited color of henna tattoos. Some people make a cute henna tattoos with animal elements such as turtle, rabbit and butterfly. Others make tattoo henna with star or beautiful skull.

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