David Beckham Tattoos

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David Beckham Tattoos

Today I’m going to be giving you some information regarding David Beckham tattoos. First off as some of you may already know David Beckham has Hebrew tattoos along with some newer tattoos.

First off I’m going to talk about David Beckham’s tattoos in general, His very first tattoo he ever got was his son’s name which is Brooklyn in Gothic script on his lower back. His next tattoo was then a Guardian angel that he got on his upper back, it’s meaning was to watch over his son. Then his next tattoo following that one was his wife’s name on his left upper arm in Hindi letters. When his second son Romeo was born he then added his name to his upper back above the guardian angel. He then decided that he would get the number 7 tattooed on his right inner arm in roman numerals, he wanted the number 7 because it is special to him, it was his shirt number for the Manchester United and England. He then went on to get a winged cross tattooed on his neck. A month after reports talked about his affair with Rebecca Loos, shortly after he got a angel on his right arm with the motto “In the Face of A diversity”.

Types of David Beckham Tattoos

He had another son named Cruz which meant it was time for another tattoo he got Cruz’s name underneath the guardian angel on his back. Following a secret commitment ceremony in 2006, both him and his wife went for a set of matching tattoos on their wrists, which said VIII .V.MMVI, standing for the date of their ceremony on May 8, 2006. He then got a 6 inch tattoo of his wife Victoria on his left arm that read forever by your side. He got a ring of roses of his left arm to mark his ten year wedding anniversary. After his grandfather Joe west died he then got a tattoo on his ribs which he called “Jesus on the way to the cross”.

The Most Important David Beckham Hebrew Tattoos

Most of the Herbew tattoos were already mentioned earlier In the article, his roman numeral tattoos had a lot to do with those. So ill explain the one that him and his wife got matching on their anniversary, they chose the same romantic phase from the Herbew bible which read “I am my beloved, my beloved is mine” that phase is often used by Jewish couples on their wedding day. Therefore that is the most important david beckham Hebrew tattoos
Now it’s time to talk about some new David Beckham tattoos, the most recent one he reveled for everyone was on September 13, 2013 at London fashion week. The tattoo is on his right hand and it’s simple it’s of “Victoria” his wife’s name. Some people same to think his newest one is to honor her and their four kids, for everything she has done and what she meant to all of them. This new David Beckham tattoos blends in with that he says on his left hand which says “love” and is the same font.

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