Does Emma Watson Have A Tattoo?

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For those who are fans of Harry Potter movies, they must have been really familiar with the pretty girl who played Hermione Granger character. Emma Watson has stolen the attention of many movie goers throughout the world as she flawlessly brought up the character. Emma Watson was just a little girl at that time yet she has managed to show her amazing acting capacity. Since then, she has become on of the most popular girl on the planet as Harry Potter movies were watched by numerous people on the planet. Having made her memorable mark on the showbiz, Emma Watson has turned out to be a gorgeous young lady.

Does Emma Watson Have A Tattoo?

Her fashion preferences have become the center stage of her career in the last few years. It seems that everyone is always curious about her appearance beside her performance in a number of box office movies. She recently made her attractive appearance on the cover of GQ United Kingdom. This time, she managed to surprise everyone through her new look. She appeared with some long hair extensions with bold tattoo on her body. Emma Watson looked like a sexy bad girl with this surprising new look. However, we all know her flawless reputation over the years and the fans still have the right to believe that she is a nice girl despite her appearance on that magazine. The question remains on the tattoo on her body though. Does Emma Watson have a tattoo? That would trigger some controversy among her million fans throughout the world. As many of her fans are teenagers, a large number of parents started to worry about her new appearance.

The Good News For The Parents Is That Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s figure on the men’s magazine has some similarity with Julia Robert’s character in the movie entitled Pretty Woman. However, her fans should be grateful as Emma Watson was not trying to represent a hooker character with her new look. Her tiny smattering of stars above her belly and her extended long hair were all the requirements for her new character in her up coming movie. You should anticipate The Bling Ring on the theater near you to have a closer look at her new appearance. The good news for the parents is that Emma Watson does not have a tattoo on her body so far. Just like her extended long hair, her body art has turned out to be temporary art work. Thus, she does not need to ask for one of Hermione’s magic spell to get rid of that fake tattoo on her body. Emma Watson can rely on her real “power” to remove that fake tattoo. Perhaps, she only needs to wait for a few days ahead to have it vanished by itself eventually.

Her bad girl appearance on the men’s magazine was nothing more than a marketing strategy to promote her new movie entitled The Bling Ring. Her fake tattoo was meant to draw more people to come to the theaters to watch her movie. We can consider that this movie is one of her ideas to show the world that she has grown up to be a young lady. Perhaps, Emma Watson is trying to tell her fans that she is no longer Hermione Granger.

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