Dying Hair With Food Coloring

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dying hair with food coloring how long does it last

Dying Hair With Food Coloring

Nowadays, Dying Hair With Food Coloring is becoming a trend. From time to time everyone wants to have a different hair color. The reason is any change in hair style and color can bring change to the whole appearance and attitude. Those who have light-colored hair generally want to change their hair color to be darker and vice versa. That’s why hair dye became popular among people who often want a new look. Hair dyes are usually made of synthetic chemicals that are harsh to the hair can cause hair breakage hazard. Therefore, for those who want a safest hair color you can try a safe method that is Dying Hair With Food Coloring

Chlorine Can Accelerate The Process

This natural method is cheap and also very safe for hair. It’s just that you should be a little more patient to get the results. People who have brown hair color is very easy if they want to make their hair color to a lighter shade. Natural sunlight is the best and effective way to make the hair color to a lighter brown. The sun’s rays can actually make any hair color to a lighter shade. Swimming is another natural way to make the hair a bright color. Water that has been mixed with chlorine can accelerate the process. After the swim, let your hair dry in the sun, then the hair color illumination process becomes faster.

Dying Hair With Food Coloring; lime juice is also a great natural alternative to explain the hair color. Combine two tablespoons of lemon juice with six tablespoons of water, and then wipe the hair. Before doing so, make sure that your hair is dry. Allow up to a few hours, a new rinse with water. Do this for a few days, and you’ll get a lighter hair color. For shorter hair, use smaller amounts.

Dying Hair With Food Coloring; tea can be used to explain or darken hair, both are equally effective. If your hair is light, then the tea can make your hair color becomes darker. Vice versa, tea can make a dark hair color to a lighter shade. Boil tea leaves or tea bags into the water to a boil, then remove and allow it cooling down. Wash your hair with this tea boiled water. You have to do it a few days to see the result.

Society awareness to use natural materials in a variety of life needs is increasingly high. Not only in terms of food consumption, but also hair coloring matters. Hair coloring may be identical with chemicals, so that hair often becomes victims. Hair damage is inevitable. To that end, choosing natural products in the coloring so it needs to be done for example Dying Hair With Food Coloring. The needs of consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of using natural ingredients with no chemicals. In terms of marketing, people are increasingly aware of using something natural because it is better and our ancestors have used for hair care. The high interest in natural treatments because of its history had always used.

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