Faith Fish Tattoo – A Religious Design

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Faith Fish Tattoo – A Religious Design

Tattoo has been a very popular way of self-expression these days. Many people decide to have their body parts inked with many different tattoo design for various reasons. Some of us choose to include the name of our loved one into our tattoo designs in order to honor their existence. Some parents turn out to use the names of their kids as their tattoos in order to show how much they love their children. Nowadays, religious people use tattoo to express their religious faith as well. Many of them opt for tattoo designs that feature many different religious symbols. Having a holy symbol as a tattoo design inked on body parts is now very common for Christians. They find the tattoo designs that reflect their religious symbols more interesting and stylish than some other tattoo works that take some animal or flower forms as their designs. Many Christians ink their body parts with religious tattoo designs to show their true intention to get closer to god. That way, this body art seems to be more convenient than ever before. Religious tattoo designs come with various images. Numerous sacred images in Christianity have inspired many tattoo artists to come up with unique and fresh tattoo designs. One of the most popular tattoo designs for religious people would be the faith fish tattoo. Some other people may acknowledge this tattoo style as the Jesus fish tattoo. Perhaps, you might be asking yourself what does fish have to do with our religious life. The images of holy cross or the face of Jesus himself should be more appropriate in many senses. Christian history has it that when Jesus was still alive, he had plenty of disciples and most of them rely on catching fish at sea for living. Thus, the fish figure has become one of the sacred or holy symbols in Christian belief.

Faith Fish Tattoo – A Religious Design

The faith fish tattoo are available in many designs. The cute design of the faith tattoo has made it more and more popular among many Christian tattoo enthusiasts. Despite the controversy of some verses in the Bible that explicitly forbid any Christian follower to ink their body parts with any kind of tattoo, that does not stop many young Christian believers to commemorate their religious view by having a faith fish tattoo on their skin. The image of the faith fish itself has been used in many other forms of arts. Nowadays, you can find this faith fish figure in many decorative carvings or even in various sticker designs on your can bumper.

Popular Among Many Christian Tattoo Enthusiasts

The young generation of Christian is simply fascinated by faith fish tattoo designs as this small tattoo can look very stylish in many different locations. They can simply place a cute faith fish tattoo design on their arms, wrist, shoulder, or even on their feet. Some other findings that closely relate the faith fish image to Christianity lies beneath the Vatican City in Rome, Italy. In the early days of the church, the faith fish symbol was found carved on many ancient churches’ walls. You can also find this symbol in the catacombs underneath the Vatican City.

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