Friendship Tattoo Ideas

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Friendship Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to tattoos, there are none more important than those that have the ability to hold special meaning for those involved. Of all of the different meaningful tattoos, it is the friendship tattoos that can affect people the most.

Friendship Tattoo Ideas

Friendship tattoos are a great way to tell that special person in your life that the friendship between the two of you is meant to last forever. This is because a tattoo is the closest thing, to a gift that will last forever, that you could ever give. When you think about it, a tattoo will never leave you and neither should a friend.

There are a number of different ways to come up with the perfect friendship tattoo ideas but the best is to come up with one personal to the relationship between you and a friend. This can be accomplished by taking a special moment that you share with this special friend and breaking it down into a single, memorable line, quote, or symbol.

Friendship Tattoo Quotes Are Very Popular Among Friends Into Tattoos

Friendship tattoo quotes are very popular among friends into tattoos. This is because friendship tattoo quotes can hold different meanings for different people. Coming up with an original friendship quote is always a great idea, and it can turn an ordinary, everyday friendship quote into one that binds a friendship forever. They are also much easier to come up with than most people realize.

If coming up with your own friendship tattoo ideas isn’t possible, there are ideas readily available online. Friendship quotes, in particular, are easy to find but to make it easier, here are a couple that might hold meaning for you.

“Friendship isn’t measured by the number of things that we have to discuss, but rather in the fact that we no longer have to discuss them.”

“The measure of a true friend isn’t in how comfortable we are discussing things but in how comfortable we are in silence together”

“True friendship is seen through the heart rather than the eyes.”

Friendship tattoos come in more than just quotes. In fact, symbols are used when putting meaning to a friendship much more often than quotes. This is because a picture really does paint a thousand words, even if through a tattoo.

Friendship tattoo symbols and meanings come in a variety of different shapes but as will all other elements of a tattoo, there are some that are more popular than others. Since woman use friendship tattoos much more often than men do, the majority of the friendship symbols tend to lean towards the feminine side.

The Much Desired Friendship Tattoo Symbols

One of the more popular female friendship tattoo symbols is the flower. This actually works out quite well since flowers are easily translated into the much desired friendship tattoo symbols and meanings that are sought out each day. An example of some of the different flower symbols, that can be used in a friendship tattoo, and their meanings include:

Oak-leaf Geranium – Friendship Wallflower – Friendship Abor Vitae – True Friendship Iris – Your friendship means so much to me Pale Rose – Friendship Chrysanthemum – You are a wonderful friend Pink Carnation – I will never forget you

Friendship tattoos are the perfect way to communicate the true meaning of the friendship shared between two people. Why not consider using one to tell that special someone in your life just how special they are to you.

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