Gay Pride Tattoo Ideas

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Gay Pride Tattoo Design Ideas

Gay pride symbols are dominated with rainbow colors. Any gat symbols combined with rainbow color symbols will definitely accept as gay pride tattoo ideas. Both homosexual and lesbian has their own way to express their pride of being gay. Some other gay also use tattoo to celebrate their confession and honesty to their family.  Other reason why gay feels need to make gay pride tattoo ideas is when they are in love or engage into a gay relationship.

Venus Twilight Angel With Rainbow Colors Tattoos

Venus twilight symbol itself is already identified as lesbian symbols. Many women like girly colors such as pink and violet. However when it is designed in rainbow colors it turns into gay pride tattoo ideas. If you like cute or sweet tattoo ideas then try Venus twilight and make sure your partner has the same tattoo to make it a matching tattoo.

Gay Pride Star And Love Symbols Tattoos

Other popular gay pride tattoo ideas are gay pride stars and heart. Star and heart picture will always look good as tattoo when it place perfectly in area such as back neck area, wrist, legs, feet, neck side areas, and chest areas. As a statement tattoo, gay pride tattoo with star and love symbols appear bold and brave.

Pink Triangle Simple Tattoo

If you like simple design tattoo to be put on your neck areas, fingers and arms, then you will like pink triangle tattoo ideas. Pink triangle is a symbol that was used as Nazi concentration camp badges. It was used by male prisoners who are jailed because they are executed for being homosexual. Try combination of this pink triangle with rainbow or flame to make it a real cool gay pride tattoo.

Rainbow Tribal Tattoo

Other best gay pride tattoo ideas is rainbow tribal tattoo. If you want more artistic tattoo ideas to show your pride as gay, tribal tattoo is the choice. It will look very well to be place on arms, shoulder back, hips, legs, feet and wrist area. The idea is to make tribal design using gay colors or rainbow colors.

Gay Flag Tattoo

Show how pride you are with gay flag tattoo.  Place it on your back of the neck, shoulder up, wrist, ankle, neck areas, and breast basically everywhere people can look at it. You can make this as a couple of tattoos also. Ask your tattoo artist to design a unique gay flag that no one can copy.

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