Germanic Tribal Tattoos

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Germanic Tribal Cross Tattoos Pictures

There is actually no specific pattern or motif of germanic tribal tattoos but really germanic tattoo artist has their own tribal style. I must say that germanic tribal tattoos has great influence from Scandinavian motif and folklore such as the personification of dragon and lion.

That You Will See Very Often In Germanic Tribal Tattoo Design

Tribal motives in germany is a combination of geometric tribal pattern and local symbols such as germanic birds; eagle (as integrated in nazi symbols), albatrosses, shearwaters, petrels, grebes, loons, pigeon, dove and many mores that you will see very often in germanic tribal tattoo design. Other symbol like nazi symbolism such as swastika also popular yet it is seen as controversial symbol.

Runic alphabet or which also known as armanen runes was used by the Nazi regime and was use to hide many codes and secret symbols and meanings. This is why many people in germanic like to add or hide runic alphabet integrated to their germanic tribal tattoos.

Dragon As Mythical Monster Is A Popular Character Of Germanic Tribal Tattoos

Iron cross or in germanic called as eisernez kreuz are often can be seen integrated to germanic tribal tattoos. This cross symbols was used during the first world war and in germany this symbols appeared in war tanks and planes. However late after this symbols become the symbols of fascism in france and other european nations.

Dragon as mythical monster is a popular character of Germanic tribal tattoos in Europe medieval culture dragon is always looks as powerful, dangerous and evil character. Other popular picture for Germanic tribal tattoos also includes the evil eyes that usually look like female eyes.

Another popular picture for Germanic tribal motive and design is skull head where very often also the skull is design with lots of variation to the war equipment such as helmet and gun. Skull in Germanic tribal tattoos is symbolize death and the memory of deadly world war one and world word the second where Germanic played very important role.

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