Good VS Evil Tattoo Ideas

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A Guardian Angel Tattoo Design - Good Versus Evil

Good VS Evil Tattoo Ideas

Just like Yin and Yang, Good and Evil is always together. Many people believe that life should be balance in many aspects. You can be a good person if there is no bad person around you. In life, you will go through good experiences and bad experiences, you will go through up and low in one day so nothing in this life will be alone, everything has its own partner. People who believe this concept will also believe in good and evil concept. If you are a tattoo lover and also are a believer of this concept, so why don’t you get one of Good VS Evil Tattoo Ideas.

Many Good VS Evil Tattoo Ideas you can find in the internet. This tattoo design is also quite popular and also multi interpreted. Some people may get Good VS Evil Tattoo Ideas from bible or other holy book. For example, they may get angel and demon tattoo images. Some other people may prefer a more tribal tattoo theme and get Yin-Yang tattoo to interpret good and evil concept.

Angel And Demon Is The Most Traditional

Good VS Evil Tattoo Ideas are often chosen because of its abstract ideas and they can be presented in many different creative and interesting ways. Angel and demon is the most traditional image people usually choose for good and evil tattoo because angel represents the good and demon represents   evil. This angel and demon is written in many religions and believes; most angels will be presented to have wings and holding a golden harp while demons will be presented to have horns and tail and holding a long fork.

If you want to get one of those Good VS Evil Tattoo Ideas, you can choose angel and demon designs. You can place them in one of your arms or place your angel on right arm and demon on the left arm or the other way around. To represent angel and demon, you can choose traditional image from bible or customized it the way you like. You can make angel and demon in cartoon or in a form of good cat and bad cat or two sexy ladies in bikinis, one with a wing and the other holding a long fork or even or in a form of two different ice creams; one with a halo on the top and the other with horns – whatever design of Good VS Evil Tattoo Ideas you can customized. Consult your tattoo artist to find the right designs you like.

Designs of Good VS Evil Tattoo Ideas

When choosing designs of Good VS Evil Tattoo Ideas, you need to make sure that you also consider the style, size and color of your tattoo. You also need to consider where you are going to put the tattoo. The common placement is on shoulder or upper arm and on the back; but it doesn’t mean that you cannot place them on your wrist or ankle. Choose whatever place you like for your tattoo; however keep in mind that the area of body you are going to tattoo will determine the size of the tattoo.

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