Greek Tattoos and Their Meanings

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Greek Tattoos And Their Meanings

Long before this modern era, tattoo had a distinguished meaning in ancient Greece. The Greece history has it that the tattooing activity in that era was only meant to put a special mark on the fugitives in their ancient society. The one who had a tattoo on their body were associated with barbarians and most people would consider him as a disgrace to the community. Tattoo, at that moment, was a part of social punishment for the someone who had committed crime. This should be helpful for the people to recognize an escaped criminal in their society. One of the most famous Greek philosopher, Plato, even believed that the individuals who had committed sacrilege violation should be marked by a tattoo. The Greek people received the knowledge of this body art from the Persians. At that ancient era, the Persians came to Greece to look for food and occupations. In this modern era, when having a tattoo on their body is no longer a sin, Greek tattoos has gained more and more popularity. The ancient history of Greek culture that includes Greek mythology, powerful Greek gods and their beautiful ancient goddesses has become very familiar to many people around the globe. Hercules, Hera, Zeus and Aphrodite are among many other popular god characters that has been seen through a large number of box office movies, games or books. The Greek popular culture has brought up enormous curiosity from many people throughout the world towards Greek tattoos and their meanings.

Greek Tattoos And Their Meanings

Most people do not ink their body with both temporary and permanent tattoos for no reason. Many of them consider this beautiful body art as their way to express themselves. Every tattoo has their own special meaning for the owners. Many people find that Greek tattoos have a distinguished designs and strong meanings. Furthermore, the meanings referred to the Greek gods and goddesses have made Greek tattoos even more interesting for a lot of people. Let us take the tattoo of Apollo, a powerful Greek ancient god, for instance. Apollo is publicly well-known as the God of Music. Thus, the people who consider music as an important part of their life would find a good reason to have their body tattooed with this god character. While the people who believe to have invincible character inside will find the tattoo of Hades more suitable. Hades himself is known as the King of the Dead. The tattoo symbol that represents the character of Aphrodite would be more appropriate for women. Aphrodite is also known as the Goddess of Love who symbolizes beauty and love.

Greek Tattoos Even More Interesting For A Lot Of People

Aside from the gods and goddesses characters of Greek mythology, Greek tattoo is also favorable for some other representation like butterflies or psyche. In ancient era, Greek people believed that butterflies are associated to the human’s souls. If you happen to see a flying butterfly over a cemetery, that means the soul of those who had passed away is being taken to a beautiful place on the other side. Greek tattoo also feature scorpion which represents revenge.

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