Half Sleeve Cross Tattoos

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Half Sleeve Cross Tattoos

Half Sleeve Cross Tattoos

Tattoos are a great form of expression. Different types of tattoos appeal to different people. Half sleeve cross tattoos have become very popular in today’s culture. Cross tattoos have been found increasingly on men, as well as women, for various reasons. These reasons often depend on the person who is getting the tattoo and the meaning behind it. A cross tattoo is one of the most popular first time tattoo designs. While most people assume cross tattoos have specific, religious meanings, many people decide to ink their body with cross tattoos because, in actuality, they have a wide variety of meanings. Half sleeve cross tattoos can be designed in many different ways, having varying significance to the person who wears them.

Half Sleeve Cross Tattoo Meanings

The cross itself is one of the oldest symbols recognized by mankind. It is often referred to as a religious symbol because it became the universal icon for Christianity. Deciding to ink your body with a cross tattoo allows variation for the person looking to wear it. Cross designs can be designed as a sole icon, or include additional images. A few popular images accompanying half sleeve cross tattoos are flowers, chains, family portraits, animals, hearts, and religious icons. Cross tattoos have also become a symbol for remembering the death of a loved one. Typically these designs have that person’s name implemented with the tattoo design.

Celtic Cross Is One Of The Oldest Tattoo Designs

While there are many different ways to depict a cross tattoo, there are three traditional designs that are used frequently. These designs include Celtic, Tribal, and Gothic crosses. All of these designs are fitting when deciding if you want to ink your arm with half sleeve cross tattoos. The Celtic cross is one of the oldest tattoo designs. This design contains many loops, mazes, and knots. The loops in the cross symbolize the never-ending circle of life, while the knots represent the link between physical and spiritual worlds. The Celtic cross originated in the 5th Century as a symbol of the Celtic faith. It is a great tattoo design when looking to symbolize the different paths in life that can be taken. Tribal Crosses, and Tribal tattoos are a very popular style of tattoo. Tribal crosses represent tribute to tribal ancestors. Another popular way to wear the Tribal cross is in respect to the meaning of tribal ways, keeping this remembrance at all time, by wearing it as art on the body. Gothic crosses have recently become more popular amongst tattoo choices. These tattoos keep true to form of traditional crosses, but typically have additional artwork added. Some artwork examples are dragons, snakes, and barbed wire, which is wrapped around the cross. Gothic crosses typically have a darker symbolic meaning than the Celtic or Tribal crosses.

When choosing between half sleeve cross tattoos, remember the type of message you would like your tattoo to represent. Whether you are keeping someone diseased close to your heart, or representing inner beliefs you hold, half sleeve cross tattoos are beautiful, and capable to represent many symbolic meanings.

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