Hardcore Wristband Tattoos

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Hardcore Wristband Tattoos

Choosing the right tattoo is one of the most important body enhancement decisions you’ll ever make. Primarily, because a mistake can be very costly to correct or remove. There’s a vast difference between art with meaning and meaningless art as well. When thinking of wristband tattoo ideas, bear in mind, these will generally be visible to the general public at all times. Experiment with your wristband tattoo ideas before you settle on one, as well as experimenting with placement. A wristband tattoo idea may look great on paper, yet atrocious once applied to your skin. Very low on the wrist makes it near impossible to cover with sleeves, while higher makes it harder to display when wearing sleeves.

Hardcore Wristband Tattoos

There are wristband ideas with both thick and thin lines, colored and simply outlined. Your choices are limited only by your own imagination. A talented artist can even transfer your own design ideas from sketches or drawings. From sugar skulls to fire streaks, daggers and even cat’s eyes, the wristband tattoo is gaining popularity. The peel-back look to display robotic parts under the skin is also popular for the wrist area. Fully colored or simple outlines are highly visible on the wrists and make bold statements.

There are literally millions of cool armband tattoo designs out there, from the common barbed wire to tribal patterns, and even animal tracks. Talk with your artist on any design idea you see displayed, even if it’s not an armband tattoo, because they can sometimes alter or replicate designs to fit other areas. Some people choose to draw their own cool armband tattoo designs freehand, and have their artist transfer them. Always talk with your artist first, and make sure they feel confident with adding ink to your custom cool armband tattoo designs.

Couples Sometimes Want Matching Wristband Tattoos

The armband tattoo peaked in popularity over the past five years, but remains strong as one of the most desired tattoos. Most can also be easily incorporated into full-sleeve ideas. Some people get matching bands on each arm, others get only a single band. One cool design idea is to have a positive image band on one arm and a negative on the other. Peel-backs, punch-outs and bullet holes have also gained popularity as arm band tattoos. Themed or character designs can also be incorporated into armband designs. Talk with your artist on your ideas, and see what they can sketch.

Couples sometimes want matching wristband tattoos, and the design ideas are limited only by your imagination. Some people use their anniversary date, names of their children, or even a song title. The matching wristband tattoos are a symbol of commitment and devotion. Like all wristband tattoos, placement should be considered. Since the point of matching wristband tattoos is for them to match, make sure both people are willing and capable of withstanding the required ink work as well. As with any commitment tattoo, bear in mind, you might need to remove or modify it later. It’s always advisable that you limit ink work to designs that can be altered, or covered if need be.

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