Henna Tattoo Recipe

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Henna Powder

For some people who wants to have tattoo but they want the temporary, they can choose henna tattoo as their good choice. Another condition there will be person who wants to make his henna tattoo recipe by self but anyway do you know how to make henna tattoo recipe exactly? That’s a good question. Here we go! This article will explain some of henna tattoo recipe. Just read it and follow it.

Henna Tattoo Is One Of The Most Popular Tattoos

Henna tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos in the world especially for women in India, Morocco, and Arabic and Muslim ummah in the world. Before you make your own henna tattoo recipe, you have to know what is henna and where does it come from. Okay, henna is come from a plant. Actually it is call as mehndi because it comes from leaf of plant that named is henna or in Latin named as Lawsonia Inermis. Some of people call it as Inai. Inai or Henna or Lawsonia Inermis has been existed since Fir’aun Era. So, the art of Henna tattoo is almost 5000 years. Long time ago, henna was not only use as tattoo but also as the medicine. People use the leaf of henna and make it become a powder and then use it according the purpose. Commonly henna uses for tattoo because of the stand out color and also the beauty. It doesn’t stop to that reason but the using of henna is for specific purpose for example as the shield of evil spirits. For this reason is usually use by women who are pregnant.

The Dough Of Henna Tattoo Recipe Has Done And Ready To Use

Henna becomes necessities for some people, so they need to know how to make it by self. Well, you need to prepare all of the materials to make henna tattoo recipe. The materials are lemon, henna powder and also dextrose or honey sugar. In other hand, you can try to make your own henna powder if you want to know how to get the process. To make henna powder, you can take you henna leaf and then wash it. You need to make sure that henna leaf is clean. Then you can put them into plate and give them under the sun. This is purpose for make them dries. To get it dry, you do not need long time to wait because henna leaf is thin and it can be dry in a day and if you get luck it will be dries for a minute, depends on the sun whether the sun bright so light or not. After it is dries, you can crush it become a powder and then mix it with other materials. You have to mix henna powder with the lemon water and make sure you mix it correctly. Then, let it stand for 8-12 hours. Put it into specific container that can be close tightly. After 8 until 12 hours, you can add the material with dextrose and close it again. The dough of henna tattoo recipe has done and ready to use.

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