How To Make Your Own Tattoo Gun

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easy homemade tattoo gun

How To Make Your Own Tattoo Gun

How To Make Your Own Tattoo Gun? If you want to make a tattoo that are special or have a deep meaning you sometimes stuck in choosing tattoo artists or tattoo parlor that you like. You may find a good tattoo parlor that your friend recommended but the tattoo artists there cannot satisfy you or cannot make a tattoo that you wish. Conversely, you may find a good tattoo artist but the price is too expensive so you cannot afford it. At this point, you may want to consider making your own tattoo design and making your own tattoo gun. But How To Make Your Own Tattoo Gun?

How To Make Your Own Tattoo Gun

How To Make Your Own Tattoo Gun is easy. You will only need several simple tools that you can find around you. Just make sure that you clean those equipments properly before you create them into a tattoo gun.

You will need:

  • Former dynamo radio / walkman or you may also use the dynamo Tamiya car
  • Pen or drawing pen
  • Measuring 0.1 mm
  • Adapter
  • Small size cables
  • Tablespoon
  • Sticky tape
  • Guitar strings

How To Make Your Own Tattoo Gun

  • Cut pen into a half
  • Connect the adapter to the armature using solder
  • If there is a pair switches on / off.
  • Remove the head of a spoon, then attach a pen / pen on the handle of a spoon with tape
  • Bend the spoon handle 90 degrees to attach the dynamo as a needle mover
  • Tie firmly with a spoon and the dynamo tape
  • Cut guitar strings with sufficiently long.
  • Sharpen the end of the strings to be made tattoo needles

But How To Make Your Own Tattoo Gun?

Tattoo is derived from Tahitian (TATU), which has the meaning of: “Indicates Something”. Is a mark (tattoo) are made by inserting pigment into the skin. This type of tattoo can be made on human and animal skin. Rajah in humans is a skin modification, while tattoos on animals used as an identifying mark of ownership.

How To Make Your Own Tattoo Gun? In antiquity, the tattoo is always in use by a clan / group in a particular world for marking territory, degrees, rank, achievement and health of a person. The following I present how to create a simple tattoo tool premises equipment that is easy to find around you:

  • Please select an appropriate pen taste handrails. and holes as shown below.
  • Then use a spoon / fork, cut his head and then bent so that it becomes a form L (elbow). And use plastic straps (nylon cable) to tie it.
  • Tie with very and very strong and make sure not to shake
  • Then attach the dynamo 9-12 V using plastic straps (nylon cable) until taut and toned.
  • Especially for the end of the armature that moves in sync, need to create a special holder, can be cast using plastic / metal, according to taste.
  • For the needle, use a small cylindrical tube made of plastic and the needle can be tied / in cast using glue.
  • Then on the other hand, make a loop and tie-stemmed using wire / pipe cast in the
  • Please attach an additional switch for on-off and then use battery power source, adapter, and dry battery.
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