Ideas for Women’s Breast Tattoo

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How to Get a Breast Tattoo

Ideas For Women’s Breast Tattoo

Breast is one of the most favorite body parts that will be chosen by the most women to wear a tattoo. They will wear tattoo on their breast to add more sensuality of their body. The most women who wear tattoo on their breast will look sexy and hot, so that many actresses and female model wear tattoo on their breast, because they need high sensuality for their perform, so many of them choose their breast as the part to wear a tattoo that will last forever on their body. However, a high consideration should be completed before you realize your plan to create a tattoo and if you are really want to realize it, you have to choose the right and also wonderful image that is not only add more your beauty and sensuality, but you have to choose an image that can represent your personality and has wonderful meaning. If you need several ideas to be your inspiration, you can stay on this article that will give you several ideas. So, let’s take a look!


One of the most popular flowers that people create on their body is the rose flower. Commonly, the red rose is the most roses that often wear by many people; however there are thousands of different colors and varieties you can choose for your tattoo. You can create the rose in color or simply black and gray. This kind of flower can stand for everything from courage to love to compassion.


These tattoos capture the image of a person. Generally, the wearers dedicated a person that very meaningful for their life such as their parents, their kids, their husband or wife or even a famous person that the wearer admires. Portraits can be realistic, detailed, color or black and white. This type will be difficult to create because the detail is not easy to achieve in tattoo art, so the image that will use should carefully be chosen. A stylized, traditional fashion, or by capturing just the silhouette of the person you want to portray in your tattoo is a easier and simpler way that a portrait tattoo can easily be achieved.

Memorial Tattoos

When the name of someone that you would to create on your body has been deceased, you can get many choices to honor this person. You can create the person’s name and the epigraph on a tombstone on your body. Or you can create a set of praying hands that have a ribbon banner wrapped around them containing the person’s name and their dates of birth and death.

Fairy Tattoos

You can create this tiniest fairy ever on your breast. You can add a letter or one word like your initial or your name or someone you loved.

Small Butterfly Tattoo

Looking cute and girly can be built by creating this fashionable butterfly tattoo inked in colorful; it can be so graceful for you.

Little Swallow

You can create a beautiful swallow bird that flying and you can add a flower if necessary to add more beauty.

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