Irish Sleeve Tattoos

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Irish Sleeve Tattoos

Irish Sleeve Tattoos

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular in today’s culture. Many people choose tattoos to represent their national pride and ethnic heritage. Irish sleeve tattoos are a way to showcase a person’s pride or Irish heritage in an artistic format. There are many different Irish symbols out there that can represent family, luck, love, and happiness. All of these symbols are traditional but with some skill and creativity, they can be updated for a more modern look.

The Celtic Cross Design So That It Looks More Modern

Irish culture is full of many different symbols and designs that can be incorporated into some Irish sleeve tattoos. The claddagh has long been a famous symbol of Irish heritage and it can be found in many different pieces of jewelry. Now it can be updated and incorporated into a sleeve tattoo. The claddagh is an important symbol of love to many Irish people and wearing it in sleeve can be a warm symbol. There are many other Celtic designs that can be used in sleeves. The cross is a design found throughout Ireland and it can be scaled large enough so that it looks good in a tattoo. A talented artist can even update the Celtic cross design so that it looks more modern or so that it fits in with the rest of the sleeve.

Make Any Symbol Or Design Representative

Another great idea for some Irish sleeve tattoos is to get the Irish flag. The Irish flag is a basic design so you can have it incorporated and looking like a banner. It can be wrapped around the arm. The orange and green colors also add a nice contrast. Clovers and shamrocks are symbols of luck and prosperity in the Irish culture. You can do a large one and make it the focus point of your sleeve or you can do several small ones and have them as accents. The color green can make any symbol or design representative of the Irish culture. If there is a particular animal or symbol that is important to you, think about asking the tattoo artist you are working with to design something special for you. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

There are many different symbols and when it comes to getting Irish sleeve tattoos, the only limit is your imagination. There are tribal knot works that represent Celtic culture. These knots can be used in many different ways and drawn in whatever size you wish. They can even be designed to resemble an animal or other important item to the wearer. Family is an important part of Irish culture and many people choose to incorporate their family crest into your sleeve. Snakes are an important part of Irish legend and they make a great choice for an animal to be used in Irish sleeve tattoos. There are many different ways to draw them and use them. Dragons are a mythical creature that can be used in the tattoo world to represent bravery. Think of how good a sleeve tattoo will look with a tattoo of a dragon wrapped around one’s arm.

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