Joe Rogan Tattoo Sleeve

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Joe Rogan Tattoo Sleeve

Joe Rogan is well known as a standup comedian that is very popular in the United States. He was a host in Fear factor and also a commentator for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  But, what makes people interested is Joe Rogan Tattoo Sleeve. He has a full sleeve tattoo in colorful design. There is a Buddha, dragon and leaves of certain plants in his tattoo which are drawn beautifully.

The Best Canvases On Your Body For The Tattoo Artist To Ink

Joe Rogan Tattoo Sleeve has inspired many other people to have full sleeve tattoos. As you know that sleeve is one of the best canvases on your body for the tattoo artist to ink. Tattoos that are made on sleeve will be more obviously to seen instead of other areas on your body.  People can easily see your tattoos on your sleeve; it doesn’t matter what type of tattoo sleeve you are chosen.

As you may already know that sleeve tattoo has three types; a full sleeve tattoo, like Joe Rogan Tattoo Sleeve, a half sleeve tattoo that runs from your shoulder to your elbow or from your elbow to your wrist and a quarter sleeve tattoo that runs from your shoulder to half of your upper arm.  Your decision of type of sleeve tattoo will affect the design of your tattoo sleeve. A full tattoo sleeve like Joe Rogan Tattoo Sleeve needs a theme of design that yawn a story; so that it doesn’t matter if the images are different, as long as they are still in one theme, then they would be fine.

Joe Rogan Tattoo Sleeve Has Theme Of  Buddha Story

Joe Rogan Tattoo Sleeve has theme of Buddha story. Joe Rogan places a Thai Buddha image for his tattoo on upper arm. The Thai Buddha tattoo he has is really beautiful and rich of colors but at the same time looks so sacred and calming. Buddha face, for those who believe, gives a calming effect to people who seen it. Many people said that Joe Rogan is inspired of having a Thai Buddha tattoo because he believe in Buddha philosophy of life – just like many other Americans. This Thai Buddha tattoo has a third eye in the forehead that spread lights. There is also mountains and clouds under this Thai Buddha tattoo that tell a certain story that only Joe Rogan will understand.

 The Right Tattoo Artist That Will Professionally Perform The Job

On his right hand, Joe Rogan Tattoo Sleeve is a dragon that is also drawn beautifully and dramatically. The dragon is drawn in mostly red and blue color with amazing backgrounds that represent wind and fire. Joe Rogan did not get those tattoos in both arms in one night, he has to undergo five sessions of tattoo work for each arm but the result is very amazing.

If you are planning to have sleeve tattoo like Joe Rogan Tattoo Sleeve, first you have to find the right design and also the right tattoo artist that will professionally perform the job. For both purpose, you will need to spend much time and money; you have to spend your time to find the right design and also prepare a good enough of budget for paying your tattoo artist to do the job for you.

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