Justin Vernon’s Tattoos at A Glimpse

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Justin Vernon's Tattoos at A Glimpse

Justin Vernon’s Tattoos At A Glimpse

Tattoos and celebrities are now very closely related to each other. The popularity of a tattoo design is greatly boosted when a really famous celebrity is spotted wearing it on his or her skin. Nowadays, it seems that almost all rock stars on the planet have a number of tattoo designs covering their body. Let us take Justin Vernon of Bon Iver for example. He obviously has a number of tattoo designs on his skin. Justin Vernon and his band Bon Iver have become more popular this year as they are nominated to win Grammy Awards in several categories. This has been a great achievement for Justin Vernon, Sean Grey, Mathew McCaugh and Michael Noyce. As the frontman of Bon Iver, it seems that Justin is much more popular than the other band members. However, he has a humble personality by saying that everyone should have more credit than him. As a celebrity, everything that he does surely draws attention from his fans.  Vernon has many tattoos on his body. Every tattoo has their own interesting story behind its creation. Many of his fans would like to know more about his tattoos. Justin Vernon has clearly stated that the ideas for his tattoo design may come from various sources like his childhood or even TV shows. If you would like more information on Justin Vernon’s tattoos, just keep on reading the rest of this article.

Justin Vernon’s Tattoos At A Glimpse

One of the most noticeable tattoo designs on Justin Vernon would be the one located on his collar-bone area. He has put the image of the state of Wisconsin into his tattoo design. The tattoo design also features six cities which are very familiar to him. All the six cities are outlined perfectly in the tattoo design. For Justin Vernon, this tattoo design keeps so many stories. He chose to have the state of Wisconsin tattoo with the six cities for many reasons. Wisconsin and its cities would the be place where he spent a great time with his family when he was just a boy.  He used to spend his summer vacation in this state. He spent his summer camp in this region also. Justin Vernon also revealed that his dad has a cabin in Wisconsin. He also stated that the state of Wisconsin would be the place where he used to take drives. Justin seems to honor his heritage very much. Justin Vernon was born and grew up in Wisconsin and he is proud of it. A tattoo on his collar-bone clearly conveys that message. He came up with a great idea of outlining all the six cities in Wisconsin in his tattoo design because he had a great time in many places like southeastern Wisconsin and Milwaukee.

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Besides the Wisconsin tattoo on his collar-bone, Justin Vernon’s body is home to many other tattoo designs. A single article might not be sufficient to discuss more about all the tattoo designs that Justin Vernon has on his skin. Lately, Justin Vernon even asked the participation of his fans to design a new tattoo for his body. The story began when he was watching a TV show. That particular TV show has inspired him to come up with other tattoo designs for his skin.

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