Kevin Durant Tattoos

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Kevin Durant Tattoos

Kevin Durant, forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder is hiding a lot of things underneath his jersey. Beautiful tattoos cover the chest, stomach and back of Durant. Fans were shocked when they saw his tattoos for the first time. People wanted to know when did Kevin Durant get tattoos? What do his tattoos mean? Lots of people get tattoos for different reason but usually they do have some meaning.

What Are You Hiding Under That Jersey Kevin?

So what are Kevin Durant’s tattoos meaning? The first of Kevin Durant’s tattoos is on the right side of his stomach. It is a verse from 2 Corinthians 5:7 “Walk by faith not by sight.” This one is kind of self-explanatory, it is how Durant wants to live his life. Kevin played a season at the University of Texas and has a Texas Longhorns logo tattoo to represent his time there. In the middle of his stomach lies a “W” likened to the “W” of the Washington Nationals. Durant is from D.C. so he is supporting his home team. Durant also has a tattoo of a house which is a likeness to the home he was raised in. Under the tattoo of the house is the number “301” to represent the Maryland area code. His chest bears the names of two important ladies in his life, Wanda his mother and Barbara his grandmother. Each name is accented by a dove and a rose. Across the top of his back Durant has a tattoo that goes all the way across that simply says Maryland. It is also a representation of his home state. Another tattoo located on Durant’s back is of an angel holding a basketball. He obtained this tattoo in memory of his aunt who fell victim to breast cancer when Kevin was in the sixth grade. Durant credits his aunt for pushing him towards sports and this is a commemorative way to always keep her with him as he continues his basketball career. Another person commemorated on Durant’s skin is that of his first coach who passed away at thirty-five. It is a picture of two hands, which flank the angel on each side, one with three fingers held up and the other with five fingers held up, representing the number thirty-five which also happens to be his basketball number. Durant also has several other biblical scriptures, a cross and a picture of the face of Jesus.

So When Did Kevin Durant Get Tattoos?

So when did Kevin Durant get tattoos? Pictures show that his tattoos began at an early age, when he was in high school but his mother gave him strict rules regarding his Kevin Durant’s tattoos. She doesn’t want any seen on his arms. Many fans were shocked when they first saw a picture of Durant taken without his shirt off and all the tattoos that covered his back and torso and wanted to understand what were Kevin Durant’s tattoos meaning. All the same, it is easy to see from his collection that he values his Christianity, his family and his hometown. A lot can be found out about a person by finding meaning behind the tattoos they have chosen. By looking at Kevin Durant’s tattoos we can see that his values run much deeper than the ink that covers his skin.

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