Koi Fish Tattoos are for the Fearless

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Koi Fish Tattoos Are For The Fearless

The legend of the Koi is one of bravery, courage and change. Koi fish tattoos meaning is as wonderful and varied as the legend they represent. Depending on the color, direction they swim, and what they are paired with, they can mean many different things, but always show courage and bravery in the face of hardship. Like the koi, battling to swim upstream and never giving up, having Koi fish tattoos show that you have also battled fierce obstacles during your life and didn’t give up, or maybe you are still fighting to achieve something great against all odds.

Koi Fish Tattoos Are For The Fearless

When you are determined the Koi is the tattoo that you want to get, one of the first things you have to consider is what does a koi fish symbolize? It is a symbol that you want more, or you want to achieve something better in your life. Many people who get Koi fish tattoos get them because they have succeeded in besting a great foe. Maybe they beat cancer, or they pulled themselves away from an addiction to become a better person. Think, what does a koi fish symbolize in your life?

The Color Of Koi Fish Tattoos Meaning

The direction the fish is swimming adds to the Koi fish tattoos meaning, even though there seems to be some inconsistency to be found there. To many people, if it is swimming upstream it means that they are still battling to achieve success in their life. However, to many others, it means that they have already achieved success and are strong enough to maintain. The opposite is also true with the fish swimming downstream. Some argue that it means that success has been attained and you no longer have to fight the upstream battle. Still others argue that it means that you are not yet strong enough to make the final battle to achieve success.

The color of Koi fish tattoos meaning also represents things that have been met throughout life, or goals to be achieved. For example, the energy of the red koi obviously means love, but it is not a romantic love. It is a fierce love, a manly love with connotations of power and courageousness. Black koi generally are recognized as a symbol of overcoming an adversity such as a mental or spiritual blackness, or an addiction to something that was damaging your life. A beautiful blue Koi could mean that you have a son in your family, generally worn by men as it is seen as a more virile symbol. It can also represent harmony and serenity, or even simply reproduction.

Koi fish tattoos are not for the faint or weak of heart. Before you choose to have one of these permanently inked on your body, make sure that your life and the choices you have made really do link with the symbolism that you are looking for. Check the colors, get the facts and then get the tattoo that is going to grace your body in the most accurate and graceful way possible.

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