Lavender Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

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Lavender Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

Lavender Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

Cancer ribbon is a new trend for tattoo ideas at the moment. It can be a part of the successful campaign of cancer diseases but also because of the meanings behind the cancer ribbons. We heard about how the cancer patient’s number has been increasing impressively around the world.  We also concern that cancer survivor and family could be among us.

Cancer ribbon symbolized sympathy and support. This is one of major aim why people have cancer ribbon picture and symbols tattooed on them. Lavender cancer ribbon tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo ideas today. Lavender cancer ribbon refers to general cancer and popular syndrome such as gynecological cancer, epilepsy, Hodgkin lymphoma, paralysis, rett syndrome, and many more.  Lavender cancer ribbon also symbolizes cause of foster care of foster parents. This is why we see this ribbon tattoo become more and more popular.

Before getting yourself tattooed with lavender cancer ribbon tattoo you need to understand the meaning and be sure to make this tattoo. You do not want to misused or miscarry this symbols as it should be carried with respects. Some people make tattoo out of lavender cancer ribbon to show sympathy or support, and also symbol of identity. Survivor of disease and syndrome that symbolized by the lavender ribbon might want to show their identity and self-awareness to their health problem. This tattoo is also familiar for people who use to lived or still living in foster care with foster parents.

Cross And Lavender Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

One of the most popular combinations to the lavender cancer ribbon is cross tattoo. This tattoo idea reflects both religious and personal aspirations. Cross with lavender ribbon also symbolizes hope, protection and faith. This tattoo is popular within the family of the cancer survivor also for those who experience dealing with foster care or parents.

Heart With Lavender Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

This tattoo is one of the best girly and sweet tattoo combinations. This tattoo design symbolized love, care and support. You need to consider great placements for this tattoo. For women, best placement for heart with lavender cancer ribbon tattoo is wrist area, center back areas, arms and hips area. Remember that ribbon tattoo should be carry with meaning and respect.

Lavender Cancer Ribbon With Wings

Other option if you like big scale tattoo then you needs to consider custom cancer ribbon tattoo. Lavender is a feminine colors, that will look very cool when combine with wings. Best placement for this tattoo should be shoulder area, chest area, arms and also legs. Many women like to put this small size tattoo with lavender ribbon and wings tattoo on their feet or ankle area.

Simple Lavender Cancer Ribbon Tattoo With Simple Words Or Letter

If you like simple design, and think that the lavender cancer ribbon symbols is already full of meaning to you then you may want to make small to medium size ribbon with simple words and letter. Try to have simple ribbon picture behind your neck with words of, hope, or courage. Try also to add initial of your friends or family who has cancer to show your support and respect.

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