Lindsay Lohan Tattoos

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Lindsay Lohan Tattoos

Lindsay Lohan’s Tattoos

When celebrities, like Lindsey Lohan, decide to get tattoos its big news! The world wants to know what did she get, why did she get it, where did she get it? Lindsey Lohan tattoos are often admired, imitated and sometimes even mocked. The latest of Lindsey Lohan’s tattoos is a small, red triangle on her left arm, inside the elbow. This newest addition added to a long list of the Lindsey Lohan tattoos that made news in the past few years.

Lindsay Lohan Tattoos And Meanings Is Small Heart

Sometimes the meanings behind these tattoos are just as important as what tattoo was chosen. The newest tattoo, the triangle has a series of words surrounding the shape: love, power, truth, oneness, intelligence, authority and courage. These words were inspired by a self-help book about personal growth, undoubtedly in regards to Lindsey’s recent trip to rehab. One of the Lindsay Lohan tattoos and meanings is a quote on her right arm, where she makes comparisons to herself and Marilyn Monroe. Another Lindsay Lohan tattoos and meanings is small heart on her finger to symbolize the love she shared with her then girlfriend. She obviously likes getting quoted tattoos as opposed to just images. One of the original Lindsay Lohan tattoos and meanings was a quote from the Billy Joel song, “Extremes” on her torso/ribcage. She felt it expressed her feelings at the time exclaiming, “clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife, I feel like I’m in the prime of my life”. One quoted tattoo found on Lohan’s body is described as disturbing and insinuates inner turmoil. Found on her wrist is a newer tattoo covering an old one stating, “what dreams may come”, taken from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” about pondering suicide.

When It Comes To Celebrity Tattoos Lindsay Lohan

When it comes to celebrity tattoos Lindsay Lohan is not unusual. It seems to be the trend these days with stars of all ages, especially the young women. Christina Aguilera, for example has as many as five tattoos each with their own special meaning to her and her life. Rihanna on the other hand, has a total of nineteen tattoos covering her body. She started with a musical note on her foot, and has since added an Egyptian queen as well as the word “LOVE” scripted across the inside of her finger. Let us not forget Angelina Jolie! She has over a dozen tattoos covering her body and some she even had to have covered by new tattoos to erase the memory of lost loves. Angelina has a tiger on her back, a cross on her lower abdomen and most interestingly, a list of geographical coordinates that point to the exact location of where she either gave birth or adopted each of her children, including her husband Brad Pitts place of birth.

So when it comes to celebrity tattoos Lindsay Lohan may make the headlines more often than some, especially when coupled with her rehabilitation and legal issues, but she lets her feelings be known through ink and seems to be setting the trend for more young actresses to follow in her footsteps.

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