Lisbeth Salander Tattoos

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Lisbeth Salander Tattoos

The inspirations or ideas for great tattoo designs on our skin may come from various sources. Plenty of tattoo fans and enthusiasts get the ideas to create various tattoo designs from their own family. They mostly opt for creating some tattoos from the names of their kids, husbands, wives and other family member. That kind of tattoo is made to show the significance of their family in their life. Some rock band fans are fascinated by the tattoo designs on their favorite band players. They decide to have the similar tattoo designs on their own body parts. The popularity of tattoo is also brought up by a number of successful movies. There are some movie characters who become really famous for wearing some great tattoo designs in the movie. That make more moviegoers or tattoo enthusiasts who happen to watch the movie feel inspired to have the same tattoo designs on their own skin. One of the most popular movie character that has some great tattoo designs recently would be Lisbeth Salander. This fictional character comes from a Box Office movie entitled The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Lisbeth Salander would be the main character in all the novels of the Millennium series written by a late Swedish journalist and author Steig Larsson. This tattooed fictional character also appears in the rest two novels, which are The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest. Let us have a closer look at her characteristics and also her tattoos in the rest of this of this passage. So, keep on reading.

Lisbeth Salander Tattoos

Steig Larsson described Lisbeth Salander as a world-class computer hacker with short red hair. She appears as a pale and skinny young woman with some piercings one her eyebrows and nose. If you have watched the movie version of Steig Larsson’s The Millennium first novel, you will see that Lisbeth Salander has a number of tattoo designs covering various parts of her body. You can see a loop of tattoo on her left ankle. Lisbeth Salander’s left calf is covered by a tattoo of rose as well. Another tattoo design is placed on the bicep of her left arm. Lisbeth Salander also obviously shows a small tattoo on her neck. The size of that tattoo is about two centimeters long. However, the most popular tattoo design would be the dragon tattoo on Lisbeth Salander’s left shoulder-blade. This cool tattoo design appear whenever Lisbeth Salander wears a tank top. Every tattoo design on Lisbeth Salander’s skin has their own background story. Most of them appear after she had a sorrow experience in the past. Lisbeth Salander seems to mark every bad experience in her life with a tattoo on her body parts.

Lisbeth Salander Also Obviously Shows A Small Tattoo

Rooney Mara has played the character of Lisbeth Salander flawlessly that she earned many credit from a number of movie critics. A famous Hollywood actor with a high-caliber like Daniel Craig seemed to have no problem working with Rooney Mara. The movie version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was released recently and the dragon tattoo on Lisbeth Salander’s left shoulder-blade become really popular since then.

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