Live Laugh Love Tattoo Ideas

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Live Laugh Love Tattoo Ideas

Live Laugh Love Tattoo Ideas come from a famous phrase ‘To Live Every Moment, To Laugh Every Day, To Love Beyond Words’ or “Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much’ or more well known as ‘Live, Laugh, Love’. This phrase is like a statement of one’s personality; the statement of an unstressed life – life without sadness, life that full of happiness.

This Concept Is Interpreted Well In Live Laugh Love Tattoo Ideas

It is true that life is a mystery; every person sees their life and other people’s life in a different way.  Since someone is born, he is in a journey of looking what the meaning of their life is. Life is indeed full of secret and many people define their life differently. Nevertheless, many people believe that laugh is the best medicine for every soul. Your life will be full of obstacles and the only way to balance that it by laughing and loving. Many self healing books advice to find a humor in every problem that comes into your life so that you can laugh. Those books also advice to count your bless so that you will now that you have more love to give to people around you. This concept is interpreted well in Live Laugh Love Tattoo Ideas.

The Design Can Be Made In Black And Grey Ink

Every person will go through a different journey to find their happiness. Some people go to church, listening to speech from famous motivator like Deepak Chopra, read books and quotes, buy things that they think will bring them happiness – everyone has their own style to define happiness.  Live Laugh Love Tattoo Ideas is one of those ways to define happiness. People carve this famous quote on their body with many different designs to express their thought or to make them inspired and motivated. This Life Laugh and Love tattoo is very popular among women and men and they get it in different designs. Some people add images to this letter font tattoo such as heart shape, butterflies, stars, flowers. Birds or even portrait tattoo of someone they love. The design can be made in black and grey ink, but it is usually more interesting if Live Laugh Love Tattoo Ideas is made into colorful designs.

Men and women can have this Live Laugh Love Tattoo Ideas because the quote is universal and genderless. To make it more masculine or feminine tattoo, you can choose certain tattoo design as a background or complement elements. For example men can wrap this text font tattoo with tribal design to make the tattoo looks more masculine.  And for women, they can choose to wrap their Live Laugh and Love tattoo with roses or other flowers they like to make their tattoo looks more feminine.

These Live Laugh Love Tattoo Ideas can be placed in everywhere in your body area. Just decide which part of your body that you want to be inked with this tattoo. Most people like to place their Live, Laugh and Love tattoo on shoulder, lower arm, calf or ankle. Consult your tattoo artist for the best design and also the right placement of your tattoo.

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